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Tuesday, November 01, 2005


I have hit six months of blogging today. I’ve never missed a day, though I’ve come darn close a couple times.

There was this blogger who wrote something called Fanboy Rampage who quit posting this past month after two years, much to the chagrin of several people. I have no opinion about this development, rarely having read his column. But this situation was so disconcerting that this person had been re-evaluating why he posts. I would feel badly if HE stopped blogging, because I would miss his pithy observations. (BTW, I received a Halloween package from him yesterday, with a CD from him, one from his wife, and a new 25-cent comic book, a rare commodity these days.)

For me, ultimately, I have to post for ME. There are times I post a question and get no responses or just one or two, and I wish I could get more.
Specifically, I STILL want to know:
Is Pam from The Office (US version) attractive, and why? (You can ensure domestic tranquility.)
Are there other albums that use a song as the function title song, such as Shawn Colvin's "Sunny Came Home", that contains the line, "A Few Small Repairs"

And I can't tick off SOMEONE by suggesting that Amos 'n' Andy be shown?

But I have to keep remembering that the reason I was doing this thing in the first place was self-expression. I didn’t know if anyone (besides a couple people) would even find it.
(My wife rarely reads it, so when she says, "What did you post today, I harumph, "Go READ it!" rather than try to encapsulize it.)
I continue to be amazed that people I don’t know manage to find it and peruse it more than once.

Besides, it is a place I can post information I receive about Samuel Alito’s America here and here via e-mail. (Alito is the next contestant on "Supreme Court Roulette".) Or I might find something in today's newspaper about singing mice that I want to share.

This run I have is rather like Cal Ripkin, Jr.’s consecutive game streak. There are days when I should have benched myself. And sooner or later, I’ll be on a trip, and I’ll be unable to post, and that will be OK. (It will have to be OK, he said to himself, grimacing.) I was comforted by Burgas, because he passed on writing for a whole weekend as he traveled east. (NO football predictions! No pithy links!) But then he revealed, by his own definition, how dumb he is (he missed a wedding he traveled 2500 miles to attend), so that mitigated my comfort level.

Gee, I do love to pick on Greg. On Friday, he wrote:
Washington (+2) 20, NEW YORK GIANTS 17. Tough game to pick. The Giants should be emotionally ready to win one for their dead owner, Wellington Mara, but I'm taking the Washingtonians. I hope they tie, actually. Can't they both lose?
I replied: "No way the Giants lose at home after Mara's death."
Greg's answer: See, because you say 'no way,' that's why I'm picking against them. I think they'll be full of confidence to start, but if Washington holds them off in the first quarter, the momentum will start to change.
On Sunday: Giants 36, Washington 0, which means I'm 1-0 for the season, and I'll quit while I'm ahead. Actually, that game notwithstanding, Greg's gotten pretty good at that sports selection process.

Meanwhile, I continue to have more ideas to write about than time to write them, especially since my Internet at home will be down for at another couple weeks.

Once again, I must thank (or curse) Fred Hembeck for getting me started on this electronic cruise.


ADD said...

Congrats, Roger.

And I agree that the only good motive for blogging is to please yourself -- it should be no surprise when one runs a blog for the express purpose of pointing, laughing, mocking and picking scabs for the amusement of the lowest common denominator, that eventually immersing yourself in that much shit would make one feel stinky.

Tosy And Cosh said...

Rest assured--Pam is very, very attractive.

Greg said...

I tried to make a comment about the Amos 'n' Andy post, but for some reason it got deleted. I was so grumpy I didn't try again.

And I called the San Francisco win, didn't I? Doesn't that mitigate my awful Washington pick???

tomthedog said...

Congratulations. And hey, I answered your album title post! I'll answer another question now: Pam on the American The Office is way cute. The exact level of believable attractiveness for an office crush who would actually work in an office -- that is, she's pretty, but you're not thinking, "She's so pretty there's no WAY she'd work in that crummy office." She's not a goddess-level Angelina Jolie; she's merely a mortal level of adorable.

Roger Owen Green said...

Greg- I should have congratulated you for nearly getting the score of the Washington/NYG game almoost spot on (you had 37, it was 36)

Greg said...

Ha bleepin' ha.

Lefty said...

Pam is very cute, if one is attracted to "homely" girls. I do mean that in a good way, because I am attracted to the such (and married one). If one likes the "debenoir" looking girls (models, delicate looking chicks), then Pam wouldn't be all that attractive.

As for Amos N Andy, I'm not sure.

Oh and happy 6 months. You are just about a daily read, and sometimes when I do have more time I post as well.

Roger Owen Green said...

Oh, jeez, I'm listening to this album by Gilbert with lots of cheesy songs, and one of my elusive songs with functional titles came on.
Starship-We Built This City from Knee Deep in the Hoopla. It hadn't occured to me earlier, because the song sucks.

dmoore said...

The lion skull drawing is being used without permission or credit. This use of this image is a violation of copyright. Remove the lion skull image immediately.

Image leaching is unethical.

Roger Owen Green said...

What skull?