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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

It's That Time Again

Yes, I know the excitement is really building; don't pass out, please. It's your chance, once again, to ASK ROGER ANYTHING. That's right, and he has to answer. He might even answer honestly.

You could ask him what are the movie soundtracks he owns of movies he has never seen; there are several. Or his favorite Bible verse. Or the two-letter provincial codes in Canada. Or his most serious/favorite criminal endeavor. Or how he was an environmentalist before his time, scoffed at by his family. Or to explain the infield fly rule. Or to pick out his favorite Hess truck. Or how to bet on Final JEOPARDY! Or why the Michael Jackson album Off the Wall is better than Thriller.

Since the child is turning three soon, you can ask about her.

Some of you who have posed this question in your own blogs, to which I have always generously provided queries, are ESPECIALLY invited to share. You know who you are.

Here's an unsolicited answer to a non-question. While one can steal second base, third base or home in baseball, one cannot steal first base. The situation where a batter runs to first on a third strike after the catcher drops the ball is a no-risk move on the batter's part. If the catcher throws out the batter at first, he's out, but he would have been out anyway. But when a runner is trying to steal second, the runner is at risk of being thrown out; thus the successful pilfering IS a stolen base.

You can e-mail me or leave it in the reply section.


Scott said...

You beat me to it again. (Of course I got the idea from you in the first place.) Still gonna do an "Ask Anything" post later today.

Here are my questions:

1.) What is your favorite baseball memory?

2.) What is the last good book of fiction that you read?

3.) Do you think that finding an alternative fuel will become a government priority in the next ten years?

4.) Name something that you like that others think is uncharacteristic of you.

5.) What former (dead or alive) US President would you like to sit down and talk with?

6.) If Lydia had been a boy, what name did you and your wife have picked out?

7.) (I'll bite, but am interested since you brought it up) What is your favorite verse from the Bible?

Tosy And Cosh said...

1. What is your biggest fear for your daughter?

2. What aboout your daughter are you most proud of?

3. What work of art (book, movie, whatever) are you the most invested in? Must read any article about it, have thought about it far too much, love to discuss it whenever an opportunty arises, etc.

4. Name the saddest and most joyful pieces of music you can think of.

5. If you HAD to act in a remake of a film, what film would it be and who would you want to play?

Scott said...

If it is allowed, can I sneak in another question?

On the top of your web site, under the title, there reads:

"B1 d- t- k+ s-- u-- f+ i o x- e- l c--"

What does that mean?