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Saturday, January 09, 2010

Football/Baseball QUESTIONS

Football season begins today. (This is American football, not what we heathens call soccer.) All that other stuff for 17 weeks is merely prologue.

I need to rank the teams in the order I WANT them to win, not who I think WILL win. Right now, I think San Diego beats Minnesota in the Super Bowl, because the Chargers played their starters maybe a third of the time last week and STILL beat Washington. OK, it WAS a lousy team, but Indianapolis lost to Buffalo, FCOL.

1. *New York Jets (A) - I seriously thought they were toast after losing 10-7 to Atlanta at home a couple weeks ago. then they beat/were allowed to beat the 14-0 Colts and division-leading Bengals so they can play the Bengals AGAIN this weekend.
2. New Orleans Saints (N) - it'd be good for the city. Losing their last three makes me nervous about their chances.
3. *Philadelphia Eagles (N) - call it mid-Atlantic bias.
4. San Diego Chargers (A) - my sister lives in SD, I've seen them play. what can I
5. Indianapolis Colts (A) - if only for the favor they gave the Jets.
6. *Arizona Cardinals (N) - still think it's unnatural playing football in the desert, but like Mary Richards in the premiere episode of the Mary Tyler Moore Show, they got spunk.
7. *Green Bay Packers (N) - they're GREEN, which IS a plus.
8. Minnesota Vikings (N) - always liked the Vikings. Why could Favre played like this LAST year with the Jets? Oh, because this is a better team.
9. *Baltimore Ravens (A) - eh.
10. *New England Patriots (A) - they've won too often this century.
11. *Cincinnati Bengals (A) - have a history of being thugs.
12. *Dallas Cowboys - when did they have an election and pick the Cowboys "America's Team"? I sure didn't vote.

Meanwhile in the Baseball Hall of Fame voting, Andre Dawson FINALLY made it in. "The Hawk" I’d have picked for sure. But there were FIVE BLANK ballots? Ticks me off.
Though in fact, without the five blanks, Bert Blyleven would have ended up with 74.9% (400/534) of the vote, with 75% needed, and no, they don't round up. Now THAT would have hurt. And tell me, why doesn’t Lee Smith get more love? I also would have voted for Roberto Alomar, and yes, Mark McGwire.

1. Who do you want to win the Super Bowl? Who do you THINK will win?
2. What did you think of the HoF balloting?

1 comment:

Scott said...

1. I am hoping for the Saints to win it all, or the Eagles. The Eagles are my adopted team, but I really don't care. It would just be nice for all my friends that are Eagles fans. As for the Saints, it would just be more fuel to fire the already growing rage that the Lions need a major overhaul, because it would be yet ANOTHER team to finally make it to the big game where as the Lions have yet to get there and aren't even close.

2. So glad to see Dawson make it. He truly deserves it. Glad to see that Blyleven just missed. Sounds strange, but I figured he would still be in the high 50's with percentage. So considering that Bagwell is on the only guy on next year's ballot that might top him (considering that Alomar got less votes), I think Blyleven will get in next year, and he deserves it, too. The blank ballots tick me off as well. Think those voters need their rights taken away. One is Jay Mariotti who is on "Around the Horn" on ESPN often. I totally dislike the man and now have more reason to do so. I heard he even bragged about his blank ballot on the show. Shame on him and the four others! And yes, Lee Smith deserves more love, but his aura isn't as strong as the four other relievers in the Hall already. He may eventually make it.