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Sunday, May 02, 2010

Five Years

Stealing the idea from Bacardi, here's Five Years by David Bowie.

Frankly, I'm surprised I made it here. Five years of blogging every day, at least once a day. I have to work REALLY hard NOT to blog MORE than once a day, but I was reasonably successful; only 367 blogposts in the last 365 days, and I'm sure one of those was a prominent death that JUST COULDN'T WAIT.

But the other reason I'm surprised I made it is that, last summer, I got REALLY discouraged. I'm not one of those people who cares about having hundreds of hits a day. When my monthly numbers dropped from 4109 in May 2009 to 3041 in June, it didn't bother me overmuch. But when it sank to 1575 in July, THAT was really bothersome. What did I do wrong? I started posting notices of my blogposts on Twitter and Facebook, which actually did help a little, but I am not great at doing that regularly.

BTW, #1: I signed up with some service on the web to automatically post my blog post links to Facebook and Twitter. Instead, it was posting annoying advertising stuff to my Twitter account. So I canceled it, as soon as I saw it on my blog sidebar. Sorry about that.

BTW, #2: two people asked me why I have two Facebook accounts within 30 minutes when I went to the comic book show in Albany last Sunday. It's easy: I started one, using my work e-mail, then I couldn't find it. so I started ANOTHER one with my home e-mail. Now I know what both of them are. If I had the time, I'd just cancel one, but since there are people on one who aren't on the other...well, it'd be work. Someday. When I retire, maybe, or take a long vacation where I actually just play on the computer. That is to say, not any time soon.

Then I noticed something: this blog, which had been on the first page of Google, disappeared from Google. It didn't just fall off the first page; it seems to have vanished altogether.

Now, *I* can be found on a Google search. My Twitter and my blog on the Times Union can be found in the top 10. One of my Facebook pages and even my seldom-used Library 2.0 account - check out the vintage of the picture - are in the top 30. Even comments, articles I've written for other blogs, and specific pieces from the TU blog show up. But not this one.

This has pretty much forced a momentous decision.



Greg said...

Congratulations, sir. I'm glad you post every day, because I check you every day! And I type your name into Google, so I always find it (my bookmarks function doesn't work). I hope that, unlike me, you continue your daily posts indefinitely!

Nik said...

Congrats on the five years... but what's the momentous decision? Holy cliffhanger!

Siromade said...

That's very interesting and encouraging post you have here, it's really hardwork of you want to success on blogging world. I wish I could be like you. Keep it going...all the best on you..

Anyway thanks for visiting my blog.

Nydia said...

Blogging Witouth Obligation, Roger, dn't get pissed off too easily! You'll always have yuor faithful readers coming back for more! :o)

Now I'm going to add your Fb to mine!
And thanks for your cool comment on my ABC post.

Annelie said...

Great job! Well done!
I´m a blogoholic to, but not for so long, yet!
And about my frog, I promised him a kiss!*LOL*

Marie said...

Congratulations, Roger. I wonder how you can manage so many pages on the internet. You must get up early!!!!!! :-)