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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Three Beatles/JFK Questions

I've pondering these questions for more than a while . Your responses are encouraged.

1. If you're old enough, what do you remember about the Beatles on Sullivan? If you've seen it on video or DVD, what's your impression of it now?

2. Why were the Beatles such a big deal? Talent? Luck? Timing? Many historians peg the JFK assassination and a national need for something "frivolous" as part of the reason. Do you agree?

3. The JFK funeral, the Beatles on Sullivan were American community events. As more media outlets become available, there's been a lack of that "American community", except probably 9/11. Is this a good or bad thing, and why? Or does it not matter?

The picture is of the Beatles at JFK, BTW.

1 comment:

Roger Owen Green said...

1. Of course, I did see it. I remember they used a shot from the show on the Something New cover. But mostly I remember screaming girls.

2. Talent, sure. Luck is always a factor. Certainly, their early lack of sucess, which allowed their songs to be available on at least three labels, created a situation where they had 5 songs on the Top 5 in April 1964.

3. Maybe it's why we're so polarized - I really don't know.