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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Head Over Handlebars

I took a spill off my bike (coming down Everett Road in front of Krug's Market, for you locals) Thursday. It was downhill, so I was going at a good pace when I clipped the suddenly high curb and landed on the sidewalk. The palms of my hands hurt so much that I was nearly paralyzed in pain for about 10 minutes. My left knee is scraped, my right elbow hurts to the touch, and my right knee looks...awful. I'm glad I had my bike helmet on. My right wrist is very sore, but the good news is that it's sprained or strained, not broken; it's in some removable support brace, which I'll be wearing for a while. My glasses were slightly twisted, but were repairable.

On Thursday, I'll be starting with one-pound weights to try to strengthen the wrist.(I've been told that canned produce can be substituted for weights.)

So, if I get a little terse in the next few days - because I'll be typing, actually hunting-and-pecking, with my left (non-dominant) hand a lot - you'll know why. Fortunately, I tend to work a little ahead, so you won't have to go entirely without my pithy wisdom.
Follow closely: Boing Boing on October 13 had a link to Mike at Progressive Ruin's great post about the comic strip Nancy, which cited my piece of January 22 about a parody of the strip. Got that?

Thanks to Dan for noting that. He also sent me the other day:
"Watch and learn from this video from the TV. Amazing that Keith Olbermann is allowed in the corporate media. I read this morning that his Nielsen ratings are up 69 per cent in the last five weeks. LINK. If that doesn't work, try one of these other video styles, currently second from the top: Why Does Habeas Corpus Hate America. Every patriotic American should watch this."
"So Roger, half your mid-season prediction has come true." Now, I have to worry about the other half. Fred was already worried after Game 2. And what IS that thing on Scott Spiezio's chin?


Anonymous said...

Dude - dang, you might have done better in a car wreck!!
Sorry to hear about your pain and suffering, get better soon!

Must be a sign of the times... I'm off from work today shuttling the girl around between doctors: she broke her wrist diving into a pile of leaves (as a good Librul, may I suggest we need to regulate leaf piles, and perhaps mandate leaf-diving body protective gear?).
Her THIRD broken bone in eleven years... sign of an active child, I guess...

Be well!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that you are hurt. Have you gone on IR? I did not see you in Houston, were you there?

So, stop walking on your hands and you will not hurt your wrist.


Anonymous said...

Oy. It ain’t easy getting old.

I sprained my ankle on August 11th while running. It still ain’t right.

I hope you’re healing. Be careful and stay well.

Xox, KD

Anonymous said...

Hi Roger,

Sorry to hear about your injury, but glad to hear that you are on the mend.

Today is your eldest niece's 28th birthday! Can you believe little Beckster is 28? Unreal...time goes so fast..

Have a wonderful day.


Anonymous said...

You better take better care of yourself!

Heal well !


Anonymous said...

Hi Roger,

Hope you feel better soon.



Anonymous said...

Hello Rog ol' shoe,
I miss your smiling mug and your Statue of Liberty shot that is so maddening.
the other guys say they miss you also. I played Sherman on Saturday and it was a hoot. I hope that you and the family are well and that you come back soon.