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Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Adenoidectomy?

I know you're tired of hearing what a wonderful child I have - well, tough. But it is true that Lydia seems very suspectible to runny noses, which develop into coughing jags, especially while sleeping.

At first, we thought they were colds. On her first visit after Lydia was born, my mother said that she was "sickly". But we've since determined that it is a sinus infection that she gets with frustrating regularity. Indeed, many of the symptoms noted here under rhinosinusitis are applicable. We took her to a specialist recently, and he recommended the removal of her adenoids.


Well, here's the breakdown:

PRO: Carol's talked to people whose children have had the surgery and they claim the very positive results in terms of not only no more runny noses and better breathing generally, but improved speech, fewer ear infections, and more.

We can probably get rid of all of her nose sprays, her quarterly doses of antibiotics, etc.

It is a minimally invasive surgery that can be done in about 7 minutes.

CON: It's surgery.

Using general anesthesia.

On my child.

So, we're thinking on it, praying on it, getting second opinions about it. Other feedback is appreciated.


Scott said...

I don't have any other feedback to help your decision, but wanted to wish you the best in this tough choice. I can imagine how hard it would be if I was in your shoes.

Greg said...

If you're worried about the general anesthesia, I wouldn't. Mia has been under plenty of times, and when she's come out, she's recovered very quickly. Well, except for that first time. She just got injections two weeks ago and was fine coming out. She was ready to go home about 30 minutes after the procedure. It wasn't surgery, I know, but still.

As for the surgery, I know it's weird, but again, Mia came through hers very well, even though it wasn't "voluntary" (which I imagine this will be). She's never had any problems with the surgical parts of her issue.

The pros seems to outweigh the cons by a wide margin in this case. Of course, I understand your reluctance, because it's never easy gassing your child (and it looks freaky when she nods off so easily), but it's still worth it, in my mind.

Roger Owen Green said...

Thanks, guys. Yes, the surgery is "voluntary" or "opytional" in that she will outgrow this when her anenoids disappear... in another 8 or 12 years or so. But they're making her miserable until then.

Anonymous said...

Geez, not much to offer other than good luck and hope it all works out!

Anonymous said...

As for the surgery, I know many people who have had it or had it done to their children will success. Can't remember anyone who's had it and was unhappy with it. She will probably sleep better too. Does she snore? Alot, loudly? The surgery should help that too. Good luck!


GayProf said...

What does Lydia think?

Roger Owen Green said...

Nancy - Yes, she does snore. A lot, somewhat loudly for a person of her size.

GP - I think she doesn't want to be stuffed up and have a hacking cough at night, which makes her groggy in the morning.