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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Who ARE these people?

Or maybe, as friend Dan might say, What were they thinking? Check out the comments.

Picture taken from here.
TV Guide managed to take an unnecessary pot shot at my city. In the December 25 cover story about the ubiquitous Rachael Ray: "She began offering a series of classes that promised to teach 30-minute Mediterranean meals. In Albany, where a trip to the mall passes for excitement, the tutorials were a hit." I could spend time talking about the virtues of Albany, or note that I LOATHE the mall and why, but I'll just note that it was a cheap shot for no good reason. Feh.
The 2000 year old calculator.


GayProf said...

Two friends and I were recently talking about holiday plans. The first friend mentioned that she was going to see her in-laws in Albany. She said this was okay because her husband's mother really gets into decorating for Christmas and plans most of the year for it. My other friend responded, "Well, what else do you do when you live in Albany?"

It seemed harsh -- but maybe true.

Roger Owen Green said...

Well, it's the state capital, so one can visit the State Capitol, or the State Museum. The Albany Institute of History & Arts. We have a professional theatre group at Capital Rep. There's plenty of live music around (Trey Anastasio this week.). Savion Glover will be dancing this week. There's minor league hockey. Your friends should find their way to Schenectady to see Proctor's, a grand old vaudeville theater.
Little Miss Sunshine's playing next week, and live shows also take place there.
I'll acknowledge it's not Boston, and it's not even Albany in the summer, when there's lots of FREE LIVE MUSIC, but it's not that place you were last living, either.

Anyway, my REAL point was that the remark was snarky.