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Saturday, January 20, 2007


The number of 2006 movies I've seen this year its pitiful. So, I'm curious to find out:

1. What movies and performers are going to get nominated? I don't mean the obvious ones, the Dame Dench, Leo DeCaprio (who I will guess right now will win for Best Actor (in "The Departed" over Forest Whitaker, based on the old "body of work" tradition), and the Golden Globe winners. I mean, Abigail Breslin for "Little Miss Sunshine"? (She was as much a supporting role in that film as Jennifer Hudson in "Dreamgirls", which is to say, Not really. What "omigod" nomination will make it on the ballot?

2. Who would you like to see nominated who won't make it? My pick, Will Ferrell in "Stranger Than Fiction" which maybe was too cerebral for traditional Will Ferrell fans. I didn't see "Sherrybaby", but since I liked Maggie Gyllenhaal in "Stranger", I'll root for her to get nominated. That IS how the Academy works, isn't it? Have siblings been nominated in successive years, such as Warren Beatty and Shirley

On another topic:
January 18, 2007 (FinancialWire) Despite rampant speculation that satellite radio companies Sirius (NASDAQ: SIRI) and XM (NASDAQ: XM) may be contemplating a merger, comments by Federal Communications Commission chairman Kevin Martin may indicate that the move would violate antitrust regulations. Martin said that a merger between the two, who are the only major satellite radio companies, would be against restrictions built into both Sirius and XM licenses.
3. Do you listen to satellite radio? I never have. If so, what do you listen to? How do you think a merger would affect the companies, and the listeners?
I watched 1 Vs. 100 last night. Tom the Dog missed an easy question and was eliminated, but won $6,100. I know this because he told me, NOT because I watched the show. I have NO idea (until he undoubtedly recaps today) what question he missed, or even THAT he was eliminated, until the end of the show, when the camera finally panned to square #81. This is why I think it's a flawed game show:
The contestant can get big money, but the surviving mob members get bupkis. Seems that one should get SOMETHING for getting a right answer, even if it's $10 per question.
I don't know who in the mob is left. Maybe they need to make the numbers larger or something, or have a tote board on the side or superimposed or this: when each mob member is eliminasted, gave him/her their .15 second of fame and put their face and number on the screen. SOMETHING.
Tom SHOULD try out for JEOPARDY!
I really want to know what he missed. I got all the questions right, but the QWERTY keyboard question was a guess (all the letters of gas ARE on the same line).


Lefty said...

1. Omigod nom for me would be: Sly Stallone for best actor of Rocky Balboa

2. Should be but won't Toni Collette in Little Miss Sunshine, and Sasha Coen for best actor for Borat.

3. I'm a big XM lover. I do a lot of flipping between channels but mostly end up on the 80's channel, the Deep Tracks (album-oriented rock), Lucy ("classic" alternative), and Air America. I personally wouldn't like a merger because it may watter down the playlists and I love that XM has a much broader playlist than Sirius. Also, I think the more voices we have on SatRad the better.

tomthedog said...

Sorry, I'm slow updating more on 1 Vs. 100, but I will get to it, I swear! Just for you, though, I'll spill it early: I missed the General Motors question. D'OH!!

And I'm registered for the Jeopardy test, which is sometime this week for us West Coast people, possibly even tonight (I'll check when I get home).

Anonymous said...

I bet my 2006 film intake is more pathetic than yours:

Curious George
Superman Returns (Half so far, actually)
Friends with Money