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Saturday, January 31, 2009

The 43rd Annual Football QUESTIONS

There was this article in the Wall Street Journal last week suggesting that the formerly hapless Chicago St. LouisArizona Cardinals got good because they changed their logo from this:
to this:

It noted that most of the logos, at least have sterner visages.
The Denver Broncos to

The New England Patriots

The Seattle Seahawks

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Of course, the tougher logos don't necessarily translate into greater football glory.

But my questions have to do with the game tomorrow.

Will you watch? Starting at what time? Do the participants affect whether you watch? Do you know who the participants are? Are you more interested in the game or the commercials? Or did you say, "What game?" If so, do you have an anti-Super Bowl tradition, such as going to the movies?

I'll watch, starting at about 5 pm EST. Who participates doesn't alter my watching. I will probably record it as well, if only so I can catch the commercials if I need a break to tend to the child.
Super Bowl XLIII and Its Viewers.



Scott said...

We will try to watch the game and the commercials. These days though, Nigel likes to watch certain things, and it hard pressed to take "No" for an answer.

For me, no matter who is in the Super Bowl, I want to watch as much as I can. Not a huge fan of the NFL, mostly because I grew up watching the league's other most hapless team, the Lions. But the game is a big event, and I always hope for a very close played, entertaining game. And the commercials are fun to watch, though over the last few years have been underwhelming.

LGP said...

Unfortunately I'm working, but I'll likely tape it and watch later. I love football in all its incarnations, so any chance to see a game is a great day.