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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Handle with Care

In the local newspaper a couple weeks ago , the health columnist Lynda Shrager wrote Making whoopee restores body and mind -- honest. "Sex twice or more per week reduced the risk of fatal heart attack by half for men. Also, men who ejaculate frequently can decrease their risk of developing prostate cancer by, as the American Medical Association says, 'clearing out the pipes.'"

"Clearing out the pipes"?

Then I found this article, which reads: "In 2003, research on middle-aged Australian men found that those who averaged at least four ejaculations a week had a one-third lower chance of developing prostate cancer than those who had fewer. 'When you drain the pipes, as it were, you have less clogging,' says Irwin Goldstein, MD, head of sexual medicine at Alvarado Hospital."

Well, OK, then. As some of you know, my father died of prostate nine and a half years ago. While the general media touts those who have survived prostate cancer, I am reminded of those who did not. Here's a mixed list.

Unfortunately, thinking about pipes, a popular Irish tune came to mind. I can just imagine men wooing their significant others with the tune to "Danny Boy": "My darling dear, the pipes, the pipes are calling." You can substitute "My darling dear" with any four syllables of affection (darling, dear, dearest, lover), including the beloved's name. Or not. (The mind will go where the mind will go.)

Ms. Shrager talks about additional benefits of sex for men and women.
Oh, the pictures. I was looking for a visual for the F is for February post. So I went to the LIFE magazine archive, typed in the word February, and the picture above was captured. It's for Thayers Patent Medicine, and the picture was taken in February 1949 by George Silk. The bottom picture I found typing in the word Thayers in the LIFE photo archive.

Interestingly, the product, a slippery elm throat lozenge is still being produced, "Trusted by tenors, teachers, tour guides and other types who trill, talk and testify." Here's a positive review.



shopannies said...

very interesting post

Life Lasting Air Conditioning Filters said...

You are needing more care...

mrsnesbitt said...

The Pipes of Peace? lol! This made me smile! I too thought I would have some fun over on my blog today! lol! Great minds think alike! lol!

jay said...

Haha! Funny, and yet, not so funny, because it's probably true. They say the same about breast cancer you know. Women who have breast fed several children have a much lower incidence of breast cancer because ... yep, you've guessed it, the pipes are flushed out thoroughly! Women who breast feed for a long time (six months or more) have an even lower incidence. One can only hope, though that's not why I did it!

Love the adverts!

Jaquandor said...

Wow, what a post...from a serious discussion of some health topics to the possibility of "Danny Boy" as a seductive song! My hat is tipped. If I had a hat. I should buy a hat....

Kerry said...

Ha! Oh, Danny Boy... oh, Danny, Danny Danny... tsk tsk.

Incidentally, when my dad (who was Irish) passed away, my mom requested that "Danny Boy" NOT be played or sung at the service because my dad had always found it to be a silly, maudlin song.

But, sure enough, the singer cued up ol' "Danny Boy" midway during the funeral -- apparently you can't have a proper American funeral for an Irish guy without it. And everyone wondered why my entire family suddenly cracked up laughing.