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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Daylight Saving Time QUESTIONS

Daylight Saving Time (note: NOT "Savings") starts on Sunday, March 14 in most of the US. Does it really save energy? Some studies suggest it does.

Will it give me a heart attack? It's more that disruptions in sleep make one more vulnerable to heart attacks generally.

I swear I saw this report before the earlier DST was instituted a few years ago that there would be a review after two years to see if it is working. Is it saving energy, or are people using more light on those mid-March mornings when they weren't necessary the week before? More daylight when the air conditioners are on, perhaps. But I've seen no study, and now it seems to be codified.

So how do you feel about DST? I hate it because it takes the better part of a week for the daughter to get acclimated, especially the spring winter forward part. How much time is used by people changing clocks, which always are off on Monday morning after the change? Worse, countries around the world change their clocks in different weeks, or not at all. I have to figure what time it is in Europe for two weeks until Europe makes the switch.

Your thoughts?

Does Anyone Really Know What Time It Is?



Scott said...

I would prefer us to just spring ahead when Daylight Saving starts and then never go back.

Greg said...

Why does it take her a week to acclimate? Is it just the sleep patterns being disturbed? I have no experience with this, as the kids have never gone through it. All they have to adjust to is the shift in television shows and when they come on. So sad!

I think we should just get rid of it. It's antiquated.

Lynn said...

I love it. I can hardly wait for it to start in the spring and I'm always a little sad when we go back to standard time in the fall. I guess I should be more sympathetic toward people who have a problem with it because some people genuinely seem to have a difficult time adjusting but I have to confess that I don't understand and my instinct (which I do usually try to keep to myself) is to roll my eyes and say something like, "Oh please!"

Does it save energy? I don't see how. You'll use lights at one end of the day or the other no matter what. But I like it anyway.