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Friday, May 26, 2006

The Lydster, Part 26: Miss You

In the last month, I was away for seven days, at two conferences and one wet baseball game. A year ago, I was away at the former two events, but don't recall missing Lydia quite so much. And I got the sense that she missed me, although I did speak to her on the phone every day.

Maybe that explains why she's been so clingy when I drop her off at day care lately. For MONTHS, it was hug, kiss, bye bye. But now it's hold my hand, read story or two, then a snack, and THEN maybe I can leave.

BTW, these pictures predate the ones from last month. They were lost (and obviously found) during the work move. Some of these are from her birthday party. She looks so serious in most of them.

This sequence is called Girl Contemplating Spheroid Objects.

Happy 26 months, honey.

Oh, and re: last month's pictures, more than one person asked if she was carrying a GUN in the last picture, where she's looking out the door! No, it was the part of the screen door that keeps it from closing too fast just beyond her hand. (What IS that piece of the door called, anyway?)
My friend and my boss Darrin is getting married tomorrow. Since he's not there today, it gives me an opportunity to post a little something about him and his financee Suzy on the work blog.


Anonymous said...

Dear Roger:

Wonderful look at Lydia at home and play. I believe she is not only an unusually beautiful child, but very serious and contemplative. Very interesting little personality coming there. It has been a joy to watch her grow. How blessed you are.

Hope all goes well in your new work location.

Anonymous said...

She is a very pretty little lady. You are and Should be proud of her.

Anonymous said...

Lydia is sweet! Enjoy the long weekend!

Anonymous said...

Roger - You are most fortunate, your daughter is a delight and she brings you much joy. Congratulations to the group on the new space - may it all eventually work well!

Anonymous said...


As ever, Lydia is bee-yoo-ti-ful.

Hope you all have a nice weekend.


Anonymous said...

As to the question:

"Why does a two-year old wake up in the middle of the night more often than not recently?"

it has to do with the brains development, and becoming more aware. Can include essentially "dreaming" and being more body aware during sleep (body functions like waste productions) that need to be attended to... IIRC, there is a change in chemistry that happens around 2 years old. Kayleigh went through it, and for a while, woke up in the middle of the night. I think it lasted for about 2 months.


Anonymous said...

Apparently, things are going well. She's absolutely adorable.
Warmest regards,

Anonymous said...

Absolutely a beautiful little girl.

Don't forget The Onion to cheer you up!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Roger,

I love the “study of spherical objects” (or whatever you called it)!

It was great to see you on Sunday. It made me realize just how much I miss great music. It was so much fun to listen to you all. And I miss the great organ – we have a nice organ, but either yours is better, and/or the person playing it is (the latter is undoubtedly the case).

I’m trying to finish up a manuscript before I leave today, so I had better scoot.


Anonymous said...


Lydia looks like you.

She's beautiful and quite tall for her age.

Hope your move went well. Good luck in your new digs!


Anonymous said...

Hi Roger -
She is adorable.
amazing how they just take over your life and your heart, eh?

I remember when my kids and my officemate's children were that age.
He said to me:
"It's a good thing they make them so cute, ' cause otherwise you'd kill them!"
I think part of the reason why we chuckled as he said that is we both really could have used a good night's sleep around then.

I have no idea about why they wake sometimes and not others....but I do know its good to not let them get into the habit of just crawling into your bed when they wake up in the middle of the night!

When they are developing a real sense of self - separate from their parents - that can be a scary kind of thing. They also get to know what is normal and what is not - so when they get to be 2 or 3 they get more unnerved by what is not normal - because they never experienced that as quite a crisp concept before and don't know what to do about it. (Kevin got freaked about clowns around 1 1/2 to 3 - not normal....what are those people doing?????)
It could also have something to do with them becoming conscious of peeing in the middle of the night....if she is toilet trained or starting to express an interest in toilet training during the day and becomes aware of the urge or peeing in her diaper at night that could startle her. Diet changes - especially later at night can also have an effect.


Anonymous said...

IIRC stands for If I Recall Correctly
AFAIR stands for As Far As I Remember
ROTFLWMSOMN stands for Rolling On The Floor Laughing With Milk Shooting Out My Nose

Just in case you or Lydia needs that last one, you've got it now...

Anonymous said...

HI Roger!

I loved the photos of your beautiful daughter!!! I still cannot believe how much your life has changed (for the better!). Thank you for keeping in touch with me! I saw Darrien's photo. Please congratulate him for me!! I can't believe that he is getting married (or is married by the time that I wrote this!!!). What is the chain of command now at the SBDC Central? Is Mary still there? Please send her my regards if she is still there. I miss you all! Have a great day! Enjoy EVERY moment with your great family!!!!!



Anonymous said...

Hi Roger, I enjoyed reading this, and seeing photos of your beauty Lydia.

Take good care. Love, Cecily

Anonymous said...

She is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. I need to get up and see my niece soon!


Anonymous said...

Oh, she is sooooo adorable! And so SERIOUS!! And I agree about that "getting up in the middle of the night" advice: they're just becoming aware of the world, now! But, bad news: both of mine started that at about 2 (right outta the crib!, so it seemed!), and didn't stop until 6! AND, that was by me walking him back to his bed and lying there with him until he fell asleep...or Fred came in to wake me up to go to work :-) It didn't seem to have anything to do with pepperoni pizza vs. tofu for dinner, or "Where the Wild Things Are" vs. "Good Night Moon", for us; it just started and then finally stopped. I've got two words for ya: POWER NAPS! :-)

Anonymous said...

I would like to start off by saying that I have been meaning to write but after sitting in front of a computer all day I hardly touch mine at home but
I am having a moment of inspiration. I saw the pictures of Lydia on your
blog and I can see she spends a lot of time with her daddy. Her facial expressions were to die for!! I miss working with you all terribly. Hope all is going well at the new location.