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Friday, May 05, 2006

Stop the Music

Since I'm moving from an office with a door to a cubicle, one of the things I will really miss is the ability to listen to music. Currently I listen to 6 or 8 CDs daily at work, but soon that will likely be cut down to...none. I can't really do my job with a Walkperson on, I don't think, although I may try. I answer phones, talk with colleagues, etc. So, none of my music will be "work-safe."

Here then, in memoriam, is my obsessive compulsive manner of playing music at work, RIP, May 12, 2006, born from the conviction that if I'm going to own over 1000 CDs, I damn well better find a way to play them:

THE BIRTHDAYS: I got a couple lists, one from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (which was somewhat inaccurate and no longer is on the site), plus some other lists, and I play the music of the artists during their birth week. Solo artists are easy. Groups are harder, unless the group member is clearly dominant (Dave Clark in the DC5 - December, BTW). Sometimes, I can't decide, and I pick two of them (Rolling Stones in July-Mick, and December-Keith). Or because I find a desire to play them at different times of the year (Beach Boys in June-Brian, and December- Carl and Dennis).

Beatles I play thrice a year, in February-George, June-Paul, and October-John, along with their respective solo works. What about poor Ringo (July)? That month I play a lot of Beatle covers, along with his solo stuff. And I have a LOT of Beatles covers.

Birthdays include, BTW, certain non-performers, notably Berry Gordy; I play a lot of Motown compilations in November. And more recently, some of the blogger compilers, e.g. Fred in January, Kelly last month, etc.

Black History Month, which I've decided runs from MLK Day to the end of February): lots of R&B compilations, notably Say It Loud!
Valentine's Day: Yeah, I have some love albums. Wanna make something of it?
Academy Awards: Soundtracks in February or March, depending on the date of the broadcast
St. Patrick's Day: Chieftains, Clannad, the Coors
Lent: a requiem each week

I also have music for the 4th of July, Halloween and of course, Christmas.

So, it'll be...different very soon.


Lefty said...

Hmm, I would go mad if I couldn't listen to music at work. I am constantly playing music, and for th emost part my office mate doesn't mind. So I'm blessed there. Maybe you need a cone of silence around your cubicle. I know they have some little devices that kill noise, but in my expericne with cubicles, if you play music it's usually really really quiet, almost to the piont of not bothering.

Oh yeah, and thanks for reminding me that someday I need to pick up that awesome Play It Loud box set. Rhino has to the best when it comes to box sets. I've been eyeing their No Thanks! punk boxt set for a while now.

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