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Monday, February 26, 2007

The Lydster, Part 35: Free to Be Me

When I started this blog, and specifically when I started writing about my daughter in this blog, I had planned to write more about how she was affecting me, rather than just about her. I may have fallen away from that. Here's a slight return to form.

One of the things I know is true about me, with her, is that I have, apparently, no inhibitions when it comes to caring for her. We all went to church last Sunday morning - me, Carol, Lydia and her doll, which is named Baby. We all had nametags on, including Baby. Lydia wanted me to hold Baby for a while, as we stood in the communion circle, so I did so. The little girl across the way thought this was mighty funny, apparently; a grown man with a doll with a nametag during communion (no, Baby did not partake).

I remember when Lydia was five or six months old, and she was doing SOMETHING to make me crazy. I was so upset with her that I plopped her in the middle of the living room floor; Daddy needed a timeout. I'm sure she'll make me crazy again, but I find that I'm a lot more patient with her now, even as she does stuff that would have driven me crazy a couple years earlier. She's afraid of the monsters in her room, reportedly a typical childhood phase. Her mother and I just drive them from the room, but the going-to-bed process seems to have lengthened considerably in the last month. (I wonder if this is post-surgical trauma for Lydia.) Anyway, I'm more tired - again, and I had been doing so well - but it doesn't annoy me. Concern, a little bit.

Anyway, she gives me lots of goodies to make it all worthwhile. Happy 2 11/12, Lydia!

1 comment:

Scott said...

I can understand the change in attitude, Roger. I too used to get very frustrated during the times that Nigel wouldn't fall asleep when he needed to. He never seems to get enough sleep. We still have the same problem. However I am much more patient about it and just take it in stride.