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Friday, February 02, 2007

Some JEOPARDY! fans have WAY too much time on their hands

I'm skimming the Wall Street Journal when I get to this piece on identity theft. One article talked about an "ego search", so I did one in Google, as I hadn't done one in quite a while. I found this blog - actually several times - plus references to the Roger Green who's the Assemblyman from Brooklyn, but who works in Albany, of course. Then I came to the J! Archive, an incomplete, but detailed description of JEOPARDY! games, as though it were a sporting event, plus a wagering calculator.

And guess whose two games in 1998 were documented thoroughly? No, NOT Linda Zusman; only one of the Albany school teacher's games are shown. Guess again.

So you get to see all the questions I got right - I did know many of the ones I didn't get a chance to answer; the ones I got wrong, including the brain freeze from Game 1; and the order in which they were answered. I look back at Game 2, and I read the questions that no one rang in on and say, "Hey, I know THAT!" Well, NOW I know it. Anyway, compare and contrast with my recall here, here, and here. You'll find the misrecollections I had, especially about the second game, which, strangely, I've watched a few fewer times than the first one.

Incidentally, only 51 of the 75 appearances of Ken Jennings are documented so far.

Anyway, I suppose it's no more obsessive than someone who can calculate what offensive guard could be drafted in the fifth round by the New Jersey Jets.
Newsmeat, which documents which celebs/sports figures gave money to politicians, how much they gave and to whom.
Wanna have a radio station?
An appreciation of Molly Ivins.
A local event, but interesting-

The voice in My Fair Lady, The King and I, and West Side Story for all those actresses that couldn't sing:

This coming Sunday is the Marni Nixon Master Class, from 1-4 at Bush Memorial Hall at Russell Sage College.

The price for adults is $20, and for students, $5 with a student ID.

The number to call is 518- 462-4531 x236.

There are eight wonderful young singers who have been chosen to participate with a really interesting mix of music, and it promises to be an enlightening event for both the participants and the observers.


Robert K S said...

Incidentally, all of Ken's games are archived, but the Season 20 ones are on the J! Archive's predecessor, Ronnie O'Rourke's JEOPARCHIVE!

Glad you enjoy the site; I enjoyed catching up on your blog!

All the best,
Robert K S

Anonymous said...

Hi Roger, I have just Googled my name, as you do,and there I am! I was born Feb 19 1954 in U K I now am married with a daughter Jessica. I love music I play guitar and keyboard. Etc. etc. etc. What a strange thing. Regards, Roger Owen Auckland New Zealand.