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Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Lydster, Part 40: She Don't Need No Education

This may be obvious to those of you who have had children, or who have worked with kids, but that wasn't me. Even with five nieces, I didn't see them nearly every day, so I'd failed to pick up the subtleties in their changing language skills.
For instance, in the last few months, Lydia has picked up the notion of the past tense. My wife, the English teacher, explained to me that, just by listening, they pick up the general rules, in this case, the -ed suffix. Then later, they, at least native speakers with people around them who give them examples of standard English, will pick up on the nuances in the language. So, I needn't necessarily correct Lydia when she says throwed when she means threw, except to reply with the proper form. And I've noticed that this is working with growed and grew already. An interesting scientific laboratory in the home.
Meanwhile, she's doing her numbers, though she seems to skip 14, for some reason. And she prints her name. The L she's got down pat. The Y looks like an I with a little arrow quiver on the top. The D resembles a paramecium. The I is good. The A is fine, too, but then she augments it with little dots; maybe it's an artistic statement.
As they say, Reading Is Fundamental. And we do read to her a lot. They are often the same stories, so that memorization often takes place. My favorite book to share with her is Madeline:
"In an old yellow house in old Paree"
"Paris!", I'm corrected.
And later, I read "again" to rhyme with "rain", and I'm corrected, well, again. One of these days, I'll get it right. Or maybe not.


Anonymous said...

I read about the skin condition this morning. Sorry that you've had such distress!

I totally relate to what you were saying, about the huge difference between anticipated chnage versus the unanticipated.

Please give my best to your wife, the English teacher.

We all really do need to get together one of these days!


Anonymous said...


I looked at your blog. Lydia is lovely, and will no doubt be anything and everything she wants to be when she grows up. And, as for your skin... Your personality is so much more "Roger" than your looks ever were or will be. (To me, anyway. And, I would guess, to most people.) I think that no matter what you look like, it is only 'skin deep' quite literally. Those who really know you will probably hardly notice. Your character fills a room immediately, and that is how people recognize the real Roger. I understand the feelings behind it, (better than most, I would guess), but all I can say is, you rock no matter what! Just keep being yourself and people will continue to be drawn to that.

D :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, lovely daughter you have. Good luck with skin -- why does life feature affliction, esp as we age? Yes, probably much more noticeable to you than the rest of us.

Best, Chris

Anonymous said...


Lydia is a great looking little girl, she looks just like you

The skin problem on the other it on both hands?
doesn't look so good.

are their secondary symptoms -
itching, blistering?
sorry you all are struggling with this

good luck, is it mercury, the god of health? may the gods be with you

in the bank of my memory
one of a small number of friends
who still encircle my heart
once comrades who shared a slice of life.


Anonymous said...


It is so exciting to hear about Lydia and her development. The whole printing thing just amazes me how it starts. and consequently evolves. Quite fascinating. Language development also cousin is a speech pathologist and I often consulted her, actually picked her brain to find out anything I could. I find myself reminiscing ....about our daughter after I read your posts. I like to do that...thanks for keep me in the loop.

She is so cute!

So sorry to hear about your skin condition. At the risk of sounding trite, we all still love you -- brown skin or not. Your big heart, compassion and good nature, and intelligence shine through all of of this. The person inside is great, we all know that! ....and will likely become much stronger for coping with this. It must be difficult. But let yourself have a blue day here and there....but don't let it get the best of you. Easy for me to say...I know. Let's hope for the best. Be strong.

Take care,


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Hi Roger,

Long time, I know---
Lydia is looking like such a wonderful young lady. I'm sorry I haven't been keeping in touch.

I was hoping to make a trip up to Albany in March, but it didn't happen. Hopefully, I can find a weekend sometime soon. I'd love to see you and Carol and meet Lydia of course. I'll let you know if I'm able to find a date.


Anonymous said...

Lydia looks like she is going to be a heartbreaker Daddy, boy are her teen years going to be fun for you. can you believe I met you 21 years ago at the Albany YMCA????
The mayor

Anonymous said...

Lydia is beautiful. You are too...inside and out!

We know you are concerned...but you shouldn't be. We love you as you are.


Anonymous said...

Cute! Cute! Cute! Wow Lydia is now 3? Do you every go to ALA or SLA?