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Saturday, September 08, 2007

When the Cat's Away QUESTION

Unusually, my wife and my daughter were both away for a week last month. This meant I got to do all the laundry the day before my wife returns, which is a good thing. I got deeper into my T-shirt collection, as usually the same three or four shirts get washed and end up on top, so that those other shirts don't get the love they deserve.

I'm hoping Tosy or Jaquandor can remind me of the particulars of this scene from the excellent, but short-lived, TV series Once and Again: Karen Sammler is sorting her (underwear?) drawer so that those pieces that hadn't gotten worn recently got put on the top. I'm sure I saw this scene, and since I almost certainly watched it on tape, I rewound it and showed it to my wife (who seldom watched the show). "See? See?", I told Carol.

Anyway, I did things such as all of the dishes at once. I stacked all my reading material on the living room floor one day, and cleaned it up en masse the next. My wife's more incrementalist.

So, here's the question: what things do you do when your boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, roommate is away that you would never do when he/she's there? If you're living alone now, or have lived alone in the past, post-roomie, what did/do you do solo that would have driven your exes nuts? Conversely, what did they do when you were away that would drive you nuts? (My wife would tidy up, then I'd ask her where so-and-so was that had been sitting on the kitchen table for weeks, and she had no idea - sure it LOOKED good, but some Thomas Dolby quote would come to mind.)
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Jaquandor said...

I remember Karen making that point, which I seem to recall came not in a "scene" in the show but in one of Karen's B&W "interviews" that the show did. I don't recall exactly what episode that happened in, but I'd guess it's one of the first episodes in which she's exploring a relationship with that young doctor who's her complete opposite.

Tosy And Cosh said...

I remembered it as her being at the drawer (in "scene") but now that you say that, Jaq, I think you might be right.