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Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Lydster, Part 46: Christmas

I was talking to someone I know pretty well who didn't know I had a blog - I've neglected to tattoo my URL to my forehead - and was explaining that there were really only two reasons that I started the blog in the first place. One was to tell my JEOPARDY! story, which I did early on. The second was to write about having a child at 50+, something I tried to do in a private journal but was unable to sustain. The blog has forced me - a contract with myself - to post something about her each month .
Anyway, you may be saying: why these aren't pictures from Christmas! No, they are from June and July of last year, which once were lost but now are found. The reason I've never gotten a digital camera is the very real fear, based on my stellar track record with all things technological, that a) I'd lose it or b) fail to figure out how the thing worked. Which is why I gave my WIFE a digital camera for Christmas, which she still hasn't taken from the box.

Lydia got for Christmas yet another doll. This must be the sixth one she's named Hannah. A bear named Elizabeth. Candyland, where she's fashioned extra pieces so that Elizabeth and some of the Hannahs can play as well. A scooter that I tried to put together on Christmas day; I got the top part and the bottom part right, but making the connection was highly non-intuitive, and my father-in-law finally fixed it with some great effort. A train set, which actually quite cool. Clothes. And a stuffed cat, the only thing she asked of Santa. So, it won't always be riveting, but I enjoy keeping to the contract.



GayProf said...

I wonder where she got the name Hannah from...

Roger Green said...

I asked her; she didn't say. Maybe she heard about Hannah Montana from her friends or Hannah Banana.