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Tuesday, January 15, 2008


There's a character called Little Critter that I read to Lydia. He said, "Sometimes I remember, and sometimes I forget."

So when I reviewed my 2007 albums, I forgot Nellie McKay's Obligatory Visitors. I got it so early in the year, relatively, it slipped my mind. It's much shorter than her previous two epics, and while I liked it in parts - a wonderfully vulgar 23 seconds of "Livin", e.g. - I prefer her singing to that of the bloke who she had crooning with her.

I forgot to give my football playoff picks; trust me, I was 3-1 the first weekend (I thought Washington would beat Seattle). The second weekend, it's more who I hope would win: Green Bay did (this has much to do with my dislike of The View's Elizabeth Hasselbeck, who's married to the Seattle QB, Matt); and my others won as well, except for Jacksonville, who lost to New England. (But doesn't everyone?) So my rooting interests for the rest of the season are set: Giants, San Diego, Green Bay, in that order.

I was glad that Goose Gossage got into the baseball's Hall of Fame, but I'm still looking for some love for Jim Rice, Lee Smith, and Andre Dawson.

On my list of TV themes, I didn't forget Barney Miller, M&R. It was on Greg's cusp list and on mine. Interestingly, that first season, not only was the show less good, in spite of the fine Barbara Barrie as Barney's wife, the theme was fairly lackadaisical.
The later theme, like the second Magnum theme, was MUCH better:

The Mary Tyler Moore Show theme didn't quite make it either, mostly because love may be all around, but Mary Richards' love life mostly stunk. I think I preferred the "you just might make it" of the first season, which I can't find, to "you're gonna make it" of later seasons.

I did find this:

Oh, a question: did the That Girl theme ever have lyrics? I know it didn't normally, but I swear I heard them at least once.

I forgot to mention that it was my friend Dan who gave me the comics-related question which I posed on Saturday that YOU can STILL answer.
I don't want him, or especially his wife Lynne, who I've known even longer, ticked with me.

I was going to use this piece from a United Methodist website on one of my grumpy days, but I forgot:
Lawsuit prompts new music and video copyright developments for churches
Dean McIntyre, of the General Board of Discipleship, is warning churches of new developments in legal cases regarding the use of copyrighted music and video in worship. In an article posted on GBOD's worship website, McIntyre writes, "In a new attempt to stop illegal copying -- which may have an impact on churches -- the music industry is now making a stronger claim of copyright protection not previously claimed."

He concludes that, "If the courts continue to uphold the new music industry claim, the implication for churches is clear: it is illegal to legally purchase copyrighted music or movies, to copy and store that music or movie, even a clip, on your own computer or disk, and then use the copy in worship. Churches that want to replay copyrighted CDs or videos in worship can legally do so only by using the original purchased copy."


1 comment:

GayProf said...

The last year of That Girl added lyrics to the theme song. It was fairly forgettable: "Diamonds, Daisies, That Girl!"

I know too much about t.v.