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Saturday, September 06, 2008

THREE QUESTIONS: Did you watch? Will you watch?

I hear the Olympics were on a couple weeks ago. I was so busy that I FORGOT to watch the Opening Ceremonies, and watched very little of it until the next weekend when my wife and daughter were watching female divers. Then the Monday of my wife's jaw surgery, I caught three hours, mostly men's volleyball vs. Japan. That Wednesday evening, my wife taped some programming we watched a little on Friday.

1. How many hours of the Olympics did you watch? I'd say I did about six, all told.

I realized that I seem to have lost the ability to watch television in real time. A nest of commercials come on and I grab the DVR remote to zap through them, all in vain.

The next spectacle was the Democratic convention. No, I did not watch.
OK, I did watch, but none of it in real time. I saw John Kerry show a lot more moxie on behalf of Obama than anything he said on his own behalf four years ago. I saw Hillary Clinton's good speech, but oddly, I was more affected by the theater of the roll call vote. Finally, on Monday, I finally saw Obama's speech, which said what it needed to say, outlined specific positions that comforted me , specifically regarding the rights of gays, and took some velvet glove shots at McCain. I'll probably seek out speeches by Michelle Obama, Joe Biden and especially Dennis Kucinich, who apparently gave a real barn-burner.

After that, the Republican convention, which I also did not watch. But I will see Sarah Palin and John McCain's speeches in due course..

2. How much of the conventions did you see? So far, Dems about 3 hours, GOP zero, but that'll change.

Besides, I was busy getting ready to go to Chicago for a different convention, that of the Association of Small Business Development Centers where a colleague and I gave a presentation this past Thursday on "Blogging with the SBDC – Implementing Web 2.0 Technologies at Your Center". We rehearsed it the previous Friday in front of the other librarians, which my colleague liked but I hated, because it makes it seem more stale to me. How did it go? I'll tell you later.

This fall's new programs are coming up. What I'll watch its what I watched last year: various news programs, JEOPARDY!, Pushing Daisies, Dirty Sexy Money, The Office, and in the vain hope they'll kill off the Izzie Stevens character, Grey's Anatomy. I may try 30 Rock again, if only to placate a couple people. My wife will watch Dancing with the Stars, and inevitably I'll get sucked into it, if only to find out what this Misty May person looks like in ballroom attire.

3. What will you watch this fall?



Alan David Doane said...

1. None. Never had any interest, never will.

2. Only what they showed on The Daily Show, which was brilliant and sharp as a knife from both conventions.

3. Looking forward to The Office, Life, The Shield, 24 (the 2-hour movie ahead of the new season debuting in January); in January, looking forward to 24 and especially Joss Whedon's Dollhouse.

Always watch the Daily Show, and I look forward to any Battlestar Galactica that happens to pop up.

Scott said...

1. A couple of hours at the most. I usually would watch a couple of hours a day during the Olympics. My TV watching habits have changed due to parenthood.

2. A couple of hours of the Dems, though mostly on video the following morning. None of the Reps. I might go back and watch McCain's speech though.

3. "30 Rock" is probably the only show I will be watching, other then the MLB playoffs.

Gary ("Old Dude") said...

I watched the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympics. I found them most entertaining. I didn't watch the democratic convention. Obama, great speaker that he is, is way to liberal in his agenda for my liking, and I have disliked Mrs. Clinton for trying to steal the furniture out of the whitehouse, then blantantly pushing for donations of furniture and decor for the mansion in new york, pointing out they had to be made before she was sworn in as a senator, so she wouldn't have to declare them. and again---she's also waaay to liberal for my liking. I watched Gov. Palin's acceptance speech (wow). I will give some of the new shows a trial watch, and also will endeavor ot watch last years shows that I liked. "Brother and Sisters", "Dirty Sexy Money". Its hard to watch tv anymoe, with commercials pushed at ya every five minutes, and so many of the programs are so called reality shows with no writers and being so blah as a result.

Rose DesRochers said...

I did not warch and I will not watch as I don't have cable.

NucMEd is Hot said...

I watched alot of swimming and gymnastics.

I watched some of the DNC and a I watched a lot of the RNC. I am an equal apportunity person.

I didn't like all of it, but what do you do.

I'm going to go watch SONS OF ANARCHY. I tivo'd it.