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Saturday, March 14, 2009

SPORTS questions

OK, I've gotten myself in another one of those March Madness men's basketball pools, with, as usual, little idea what I'm doing. I know the seedings not until tomorrow and the first games not until midweek (and the play-in game doesn't count), but any teams you think are peaking at the right time, I'd consider your advice.

Meanwhile it's spring training in baseball so it's time to make my predictions for the division winners:
AL EAST: The NY Yankees. More than ever, they're trying to buy a pennant. but they have. Haven't they?
AL CENTRAL: The Minnesota Twins. Not only is it my father-in-law's favorite team, they started looking like a team last year.
AL WEST: The Los Angeles Angels. Smart money picks the Texas Rangers. And it may be right.
NL EAST: The New York Mets: with a new stopper, they can't collapse three years in a row. Can they?
NL CENTRAL: the St. Louis Cardinals. I want to pick the Cubbies, but they broke my heart last year, the centennial of their last World Series victory. of course, THIS will be the year they win it.
NL WEST: Colorado Rockies. Because an overpaid Manny won't help the Dodgers nearly so much.

Meanwhile, I'm more convinced that anyone who was using steroids before 2004, when the MLB ban went into effect, I don't care. Well, I sorta care, but not enough to think they shouldn't be in the Hall of Fame. Of course, I'm on record thinking that Shoeless Joe Jackson should be in the Hall of Fame. So should Pete Rose - as soon as he dies.

Prediction: Tiger Woods will win one, and only one, Grand Slam tournament in 2009.

What's boring about the NBA is that only three or five teams have even a reasonable shot at the title; last year's finalists, the Celtics and the Lakers; and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Maybe the Orlando Magic. MAYBE the San Antonio Spurs.

What sayest thou?



Scott said...

NCAA basketball - Not sure. But I keep hearing a lot about Pitt. Just hope the MSU Spartans do well.

MLB - I only agree with you on half of your choices, but hope the Tigers prove me wrong in the AL Central. I think the Fightin' Phillies will repeat as division champs. Sorry Mets' fans.

Steroids - I kind of agree. I especially agree with your sentiments to Jackson and Rose. Both should be in. And I like you idea of waiting on Rose until he after he dies.

Tiger Woods - Probably right. I certainly hope he at least wins one. (I am thinking the PGA or the Masters.)

NBA - I agree there, too. That's the one thing I like about hockey compared to basketball.

Greg said...

You probably don't hear much about Arizona State back there in the East, with the (overrated) Big East dominating the media, but check them out when you fill out the brackets. They beat a very good Washington team yesterday after losing a 21-point lead and having to tough it out, play USC for the Pac-10 title today, and they have James Harden, the best college basketball player you've never heard of. He won the Pac-10 Player of the Year and ought to be considered for National PotY. I'm not saying ASU will win it all, but they've been playing very well, and you should keep an eye on them.

Both of my alma maters might make it this year. Portland State has already made it (but I wouldn't pencil them in for any wins, as they'll be a low seed) and Penn State is sweating it out after losing yesterday. That would be kind of cool!

I don't think the Yankees are going to win the division. Tampa and Boston are both still very good, Toronto is much better, the Yankees are old and notoriously slow-starting, Rodriguez won't be around and then might struggle because he's still hurt, and they'll be under a lot of pressure to win in the new stadium. And you New Yorkers - putting your faith in the Mets year after year. You're so cute.

Anonymous said...

The Mets did not collapse last year. It bugs me when people lump last season with the 2007 season's epic collapse and coinciding Phillies' surge. Last year, the division was never really theirs to collapse from.

They shared time leading the division with the Phillies and Marlins throughout the year, and probably not for much more time than the Phils, if more at all.

Their biggest division lead was... what... 3 games (guessing)?