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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Free Comic Book Day '06

Last year, when I wrote about Free Comics Day, I worried about getting sucked in to the comic collector fray.

This year, I'm worried about being attacked by supervillains, like I was last year.

Free Comic Book Day is Saturday, May 6. Check the link above for the comic book store in your area.
And speaking of free four-color magic, a graphic novel giveaway.
A few weeks ago, the cover story in PARADE magazine listed some of Tom Cruise's "blockbuster" movies, among them, Mission: Impossible 3 (or M:I III or whatever), which opens tomorrow. That's a pet peeve of mine, designating "blockbuster" status on a film that hasn't yet been released. And Tuesday, if sales are less than expected, expect articles touting that the box office was "disappointing". I don't plan to see the movie, BTW - I was bored by the first one, passed on the second.
The one upside of going to conferences is that I get a chance to take a bunch of newspapers and catch up on reading them. Last week, a short piece in the paper noted that Met 1B Julio Franco, age 47, had stolen a base. What some smart aleck editor did was, instead of putting Franco's picture there, place a picture of Abe Vigoda, who, last I checked, was still alive.
Happy birthday, Janna and Annika!


Lefty said...

Our local comic book every year for Free Comic Book Day will allow people to pick up more than one book if they give a donation to a charity. In the past it's been a local no-kill animal shelter. This year it's a local library.

I often will drag our friend's kids to get them hooked, and I usually pick up a TPB as a way of saying thanks to the owner. I got a lot of respect for our L.C.S. owner. He's a good guy, never expects to get rich, but has really giving a lot of time to making the shop attractive to the public and part of the local business community.

Tom the Dog said...

Lefty -- "more than one book"? You only get ONE? That's why it's good to live near Mike's shop. You get every single free comic offered, three packed bags full, somewhere around forty comics. Now THAT'S a great Free Comic Book Day!

Roger Owen Green said...

Yeah, when I went last year, I got at least a half dozen books. But the idea of supporting a library also appeals to me.