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Wednesday, August 01, 2007


This is one of those things that Mike Sterling started, and Lefty and Gordon (and undoubtedly others) followed. The scariest one I've seen so far is Eddie's "Cheney in '08". Talk about hellish.

And you can try it yourself with Microsoft Paint or other such products:

August will be maintenance of the blog month. I've been moving my links to new categories, a tedious task made necessary when I changed to New Blogger months ago and it put all my links in one big mess of a list. So, I'm making categories up and throwing blogs in them, then deleting it from the motley list. What I've discovered, though, is that many of the blogs I'd come across as comic book-related really aren't. Many of them are, or will be, in the awkwardly titled Other Interesting Bloggers, or whatever I end up calling it. Oh, and if you'd like to be linked, let me know; heck, if you asked me before and you don't see it, send it again. I did add a couple already, notably ADD's Writeblog and Johnny B.'s paean to Elton John.

This all HAS to happen in August, because if it doesn't, it never will. This is a function of the fact that for four days in the middle of the month, neither my wife or my daughter will be home, and I will be. I mean, I have to go to work and all, but my evenings will be free, my early mornings, when I'm most productive doing that sort of thing, will be free.

It'll also be a chance to try to do a couple longer posts. Certainly, I need to do a piece for August 28, which is not only FantaCo's birthday, but Jack Kirby's as well; there is a correlation. It's written in my head, but not in any electronic form. Even the shorter posts can be tricky when you're away every weekend - a wedding last weekend in Providence that I probably won't write about for a couple weeks.

Also, I'll be doing my own maintenance. I need a cortisone shot for my left shoulder, which has tendinitis. A visit to another dermatologist for a second opinion on my vitiligo is also on tap.

Meanwhile, I'll do what I can to help facilitate Goat Trauma Awareness.
I'm not as good at math as Chris:
You Passed 8th Grade Math

Congratulations, you got 9/10 correct!
Could You Pass 8th Grade Math?


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I developed tendinitis in my shoulder a few years ago, too, so, good luck with that. I feel your pain...and it hurts!