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Monday, June 05, 2006

Internet Santa Claus and other things

When I hit my first blogiversary last month someone suggested that I visit "everyone else's blog like some sort of internet Santa Claus." I thought that was very funny. But yesterday, I felt that it was probably also correct.

Gay Prof was stymied trying to post pictures on Blogger. I wrote: "I've been having the same problem, off and on, with Blogger with stuff from the Internet. 9 out 10 times, it'll say that it's downloaded, then the image doesn't really load. I've had more success downloading from my computer, so I've been saving the image I find on the Internet to the computer, THEN downloading from the computer. Try that." Of course, now, that isn't working, either, as evidenced by a lack of a graphic on THIS post. Anyone else having that problem with Blogger recently? More to the point, does anyone have a SOLUTION, short of getting rid of Blogger?

Someone else had a link to a bad e-mail address, which I noted. THAT was fixable.

When I'm doing research, as librarian, and I find typos on webpages, especially substantive ones, I let them know, because, if the information appears otherwise credible, that typo will make it appear to others that it is not a reliable source.
It's time for the men's professional basketball and hockey finals , with me without a real rooting interest since the Buffalo Sabres of the NHL were eliminated in the last round; the NBA's LA Clippers (ne the Buffalo Braves) went down a couple rounds ago in their playoff. So who to support? Absent anything else, I tend to root for the team from the East. Beyond that, though, the NHL Carolina Hurricanes play in the state my mom and one of my sisters live in, North Carolina; they're playing the Edmonton Oilers. Meanwhile, NBA Miami Heat have coach Pat Riley. Though I wasn't a big Lakers fan, even when he coached them, he's from Schenectady, near Albany, and he lost his mom recently, so I'll go with the team of Shaq and the wonderfully named Dwyane Wade against the Dallas Mavericks.
Lydia had pink eye Friday and I stayed home with her. She woke up Saturday very warm to the touch (temperature over 101), and I stayed home with her much of the day; it finally stopped raining, and we finally went out around 6 pm. Carol stayed with her much of yesterday. Today, it'll be my turn again. Thus, I post now or not at all today.
Just this morning, I found my copies of Bob Dylan's Tarantula and also Rod McKuen's Listen to the Warm. They were given to me as going to college presents by friends of my parents who were also friends of mine in August 1971. I STILL haven't gotten through either one.


Scott said...

Actually Roger, the Hurricanes play in Raleigh. They use the same arena as the NC State Wolfpack basketball teams.

It's a shame the Clippers lost. But given their past, they had a life-changing season.

Roger Owen Green said...

Which shows you how much I know about hockey since all those teams moved out of Canada and the snow belt of the US. Long live the Hartford Whalers!

Greg said...

The wonderfully named Dwyane Wade spells his name like that, not the more traditional way. And you should be rooting for the Mavericks, because they and the Suns (boo-hoo) play the style of basketball closest to that played in the 1980s, when basketball was actually, you know, fun.

GayProf said...

Still no luck with photos. I have sent several e-mails to Blogger (, but they seem to ignore me. sigh

Anonymous said...

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