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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Mark of the Beast

I received this e-mail a couple months ago: "Well everyone is emailing around about the time tonight 1:02.3 on 4/05/06(123456) But what about June 6th 2006 it will be 6/06/06 (666) Yikes!"

I'm a Christian, but I just don't get the obsession of certain people trying to decipher Revelation in the manner they do. Is The UPC Code The Forerunner Of The "Mark of the Beast"? Well, no, the article says, but computer chips are.

Haters of our 40th President pointed out that Ronald Wilson Reagan had six letters in his name. No, he PROBABLY wasn't the Antichrist.

I've glanced at this site and this site and this one, but after deep contemplation, I have decided NOT to hide under my bed the day after tomorrow. Even though the new Omen movie opens on that day.


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