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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Summer Questions

Something that has been brought home to me often in the past few years is that people who don't work in the summer look at summer differently than others. Teachers, for instance. My wife is one, and she's forever using terms such as "Just three more months until the end of the semester", "The semester will be over in two months".

Whereas, I don't think that way at all. Summer is just part of that great meteorological continuum , the part where we DON'T have to wear ties at work unless some mucky muck is coming around. (Why we have to wear them the rest of the year, given the fact that we don't see the general public, is a mystery to me. At the new place, it's EXTREMELY rare, unlike before in our downtown offices, for someone to wander in - one needs a swiper card or to be buzzed in to get on our floor.)

Still, one does make summer plans. Our family is hoping to rendezvous with my family in Charlotte and my sister in San Diego in our hometown of Binghamton next month.

So, please, if you would, share with me your answers to these three solstice questions:

1. What movies/TV shows do you want to see this summer? I want to see the Superman Returns film, The Closer TV show and not much else.

2. What do you want to read and/or write? I'm looking to get rid of some aging periodicals. There's a couple autobio pieces I want to work on.

3. Where would you like to go this summer? Besides my hometown - possibly THRICE, for a party, a family reunion and my 35th high school reunion - actually I want to stay in town and see lots of free live music, especially The Turtles and John Hiatt.


Scott said...

1. The second Pirates of the Carribean movie. Marcia and I have already planned on seeing it at a theater by my mother-in-law so she can watch our son. I doubt that we will find time to see more then that one, but there are others like Superman Returns.

2. There are a few books that I would like to read, but my reading time is very limited now. One that is at the top of my list is "The Divinity Student" by Michael Cisco. Another is "Pusing Ice" by Alastair Reynolds (one of my favorite sci-fi authors). But I will probably just stick to short story collections. I also try to continue reading as many of Borges' stories as I can find time for (which isn't much).

I did start to write two short stories before Nigel was born. I would love to finish them, but I know it's better to put them off until later.

3. We are headed to Virginia for a four day weekend in a couple of weeks. We will have one other trip to Virginia in August. And at least one trip to Detroit to see my family.

GayProf said...

1. The Superman movie is the only thing on my list at the moment.

2. I need to read some new Chicano history books for work.

3. I plan to got to Albuquerque to visit family. Then to Boston to locate and apartment (and move there). Somewhere in July I am also supposed to go to Chicago for work, but we will see if I even have time for that.

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