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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Living in the Past 3 Questions

My high school reunion is coming up. The last one I went to was 25 years ago, and I didn't enjoy it much, though the afterparty was great. But this one I'm looking forward to, in large part because my oldest friends from kindergarten, Karen, Carol (not my wife Carol), and Bill will be there. Haven't seen Carol since 2000, and had been largely out of touch until I got an e-mail from her out of the blue a couple weeks ago, with her apologizing for being a poor correspondent. Wife Carol is going to the first night informal mixer, but not to the next night's festivities.

I went to the high school reunion of Carol (my wife) a few years back, and it was, as I described to my friend Karen recently, lethally boring.


1) Do you go to high school or college reunions? Why or why not?

2) Do you bring your spouse/significant other (SO) to these events? If so, are you a sadist?

3) Do you go to your spouse's or SO's reunions? If so, are you a masochist? How did you cope?

Your replies are most welcome.


Scott said...

1. I went to my 10 year high school reunion. There were people that I wanted to see. Though unfortunately a few didn't show up. I would be interested in going to my 20 year reunion, but won't make the effort since I live two states away.

2. I was divorced at the time I went to that reunion, but I am sure my ex would have gone with me. Though she didn't go to my school, she lived in the district next to mine, and knew quite a few of my classmates. I wouldn't have expected her to come though.

3. I have never been to any reunions of my ex or Marcia's. Marcia doesn't really want to go to any reunions, which is fine by me. Though a college reunion wouldn't be too bad since I know a few of her classmates.

Nik said...

Nope, didn't go to my 10-year, and I was only living 50 miles away at the time... Just sounded like all the people I *didn't* like were going to show up and those I liked weren't. Doubt I'll make the 20-year either... probably be spoken of in "whatever happened to..." hushed tones.