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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Series Airing on Prime Time on More Than One Network

By popular demand.
SO here's the list from the 1992 Brooks & Marsh book. I've made no attempts to update it - so no Angel, the Buffy spinoff - but those of you who have an updated version of the book can use this list as a starting off point:

Networks: A is ABC, C is CBS, N is NBC, D is Dumont

On All Four Networks:

The Arthur Murray Party
Down You Go
The Original Amateur Hour
Pantomime Quiz

On Three Networks

The Adventures of Ellery Queen-D,A,N&
The Andy Williams Show-A,C,N*
Animal World-N,C,A
Author Meets the Critics-N,A,D
Bachelor Father-C,N,A
Big Town-C,D,N
Blind Date (Your Big Moment)-A,N,D
Break the Bank-A,N,C
Candid Camera-A,N,C
Charlie Wild, Private Detective-C,A,D
Dollar a Second--D,N,A
The Eddy Arnold Show-C,N,A*
Ethel and Albert-N,C,A
Father Knows Best-C,N,A
Ford Theater-C,N,A
The Goldbergs-C,N,D
Life Begins at Eighty-N,A,D
Man Against Crime-C,D,N
Mary Kay and Johnny-D,N,C
Masquerade Party-N,C,A
The Price Is Right-N,A,C*
The Sammy Kaye Show (So You Want to Lead a Band, Music from Manhattan)-N,C,A
The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour (The Smothers Brothers Summer Show, The Smothers Brothers Show)*
The Steve Allen Show-C,N&,A
The Ted Steele Show--N,D,C
Tom Corbett:Space Cadet-C,A,N
Twenty Questions-N,A,D
Walt Disney-A,N,C
The Wendy Barrie Show (Inside Photoplay, Photoplay Time, Through Wendy's Window)-D,A,N

On Two Networks

Actor's Studio (The Play's The Thing)-A,C
Adventure Theater-N,C&
The Alan Dale Show-D,C
Alfred Hitchcock Presents (The Alfred Hitchcock Hour)-C,N
The Amazing Dunninger (The Dunninger Show)-A,N
Armstrong Circle Theater-N,C
Bank on the Stars-C,N
The Battle of the Ages-D,C
The Bigelow Show-N,C
Bigelow Theater-C,D
The Bionic Woman-A,N
The Black Saddle-N,A
The Bob Cummings Show-N,C
Bosom Buddies-A,N2
Cavalcade of America (DuPont Cavalcade Theater, DuPont Theater)-N,A
Celebrity Time (Goodrich celebrity Time)-C,A
Chance of a Lifetime-A,D
The Charlie Farrell Show- C,N2
Circus Boy-N,A
Claudia, the Story of a Marriage-N,C
The Clock-N,A
The Continental-C,A
The Court of Last Resort-N,A2
Dan August-A,C2
The Danny Thomas Show (Make Rom for Daddy)-A,C
Davis Rules-A,C
The Detectives Starring Robert Taylor (Robert Taylor's Detectives)-A,N
Diff'rent Strokes-N,A
Doorway to Danger-N,A
The Dotty Mack Show (Girl Alone)-D,A
Drew Pearson (A,D)
The Earl Wrightson Show (Earl Wrightson at Home, The At Home Show, The Masland at Home Party)-A,C
The Eddie Capra Mysteries-N,C2
Eddie Condon's Floor show-N,C
Ensign O'Toole-N,A2

The Ernie Kovacs Show-C,N*
The Family Holvak-N,C
Famous Fights-D,A*
The Father Dowling Mysteries-N,A
The Faye Emerson Show (Fifteen with Faye)--C,N
Fireside Theater-N,A2
The Gale Storm show-C,A
The George Gobel Show-N,C
Get Smart-N,C
The Ghost and Mrs. Muir-N,A

The Herb Shriner Show-C,A*
Hey Jeannie-C,A2
The Hogan Family-N,C
Hollywood Opening Night-C,N
The Hunter-C,N*
It Pays to Be Ignorant-C,N*
The Jack Benny Show-C,N*
The Jimmy Dean Show-C,A&
The Jimmy Durante Show-N,C2
The Joey Bishop Show-N,C
The John Davidson Show-A,N&
The Johnny Cash show-A,C&
Johnny Staccato-N,A2
The Johns Hopkins Science Review-C,D
The Joseph Cotten Show (On Trial)-N,C2
Juvenile Jury-N,C
Keep Talking-C,A
Kraft Television Theatre-N,A
Kukla, Fran & Ollie-N,A*
Law of the Plainsman-N,A
Leave It to Beaver-C,A
Leave It to the Girls-N,A*
Let's Make a Deal--N,A
The Liberace Show-N,C&
Life Is Worth Living-D,A
Live Like a Millionaire-C,A
Lux Video Theatre (Lux Playhouse)--C,N
Madison Square Garden Highlights--A,D
Mark Saber-A,N (recast-think Doctor Who)
Meet McGraw-N,A2
Meet Your Congress-N,D*
Midweestern Hayride-N,A
The Milton Berle Show-N,A&
Mission: Impossible-C,A&
Mr. & Mrs. North-C,N
The Morey Amsterdam Show--C,D
My Friend Flicka--C,N2
My Little Margie-C,N
My Three Sons-A,C
My World and Welcome to It-N,C2
Name That Tune-N,C
Navy Log--C,A
On the Line with Considine-N,A
On Your Way-D,A
The Perry Como Show (The Chesterfield Supper Club)-N,C
Peter Gunn-N,A
Pick the Winner-C,D (simultaneous)
Place the Face-N,C
Police Squad--A,C2
Police Story-N,A*
Press Conference (Martha Rountree's Press Conference)-N,A
The Pride of the Family-A,C2
Private Secretary--C,N2

Quiz Kids-N,C
The Real McCoys--A,C
The Rebel-A,N2
Red Barber's Corner (Red Barber's Clubhouse, The Peak of the Sports News)-C,N
The Red Buttons Show-C,N
The Red Skelton Show-N,C
Revlon Mirror Theatre-N,C
Richard Diamond, Private Detective-C,N
Say It with Acting-N,A
Screen director's Playhouse-N,A
Shirley Temple's Storybook-A,N
Somerset Maugham TV Theatre (Teller of Tales)-C,N
The Spike Jones Show-N,C*
Steve Canyon--N,A2
The Stork Club-C,A
Stud's Place--N,A
Telephone Time-C.A
Tex and Jinx-N.C
They Stand Accused-C,D
This Is Show Business-C,N*
This Is The Life-D,A
The Tony Randall Show-C,A
Treasure Hunt-A,N
Treasury Men in Action-A,N
Truth or Consequences-C,N*
21 Beacon Street-N,A2
Two for the Money-N,C
The U.S. Steel Hour-A,C
The Vaughn Monroe Show-C,N*
Versitile Varieties-N,A
The Voice of Firestone-N,A
Wagon Train-N,A
We, the People-C,N
The Web-C,N*
The West Point Story-C,A
What's It Worth (Trash or Treasure, Treasure Hunt)-C,D*
What's Your Bid-A,D
Who Said That?-N,A
Wonder Woman-A,C
You Asked for It-D,A
Your Hit Parade-N,C
Your Play Time-C,N2
Youth on the March-A,D

The items in red I would suggest don't belong on the list at all, either because the second network merely ran reruns of the first network programs (or, for anthologies, even reruns of other shows) - those shows are designated with a 2, OR the show is essentially a different show with the same name (two different attempts to create a series out of the comic strip Blondie, e.g.). The & sign suggests a totally different show. However, the shows with a * are shows with gaps of 18 months or more which I've determined are essentially the same show.

I realize that lots of these programs were on the early part of television - Dumont ceased to exist after the mid-1950s - but there are some network switches I remember very well for some reason, and I have italicized them above. And I should have remember Bionic Woman and, forgive me, GP, Wonder Woman.


Greg said...

Does "Baywatch" count? I remember it was on NBC first, bombed in the ratings, and went to first-run syndication, where it took off. During that second run, however, it didn't really have a network home, so I don't know if you'd count it.

Roger Owen Green said...

Baywatch doesn't count. Neither does Hee Haw, which spent a couple years on CBS and then forever in syndication.

tomthedog said...

Holy cow! That's a LOT more than I would've expected. Many, many from before my TV watching days, but a great deal from after I was hooked on the tube that I should've remembered. Like Wonder Woman -- they switched the show from WWII era to modern times when they switched networks, I remember that. Or Davis Rules, they switched love interests for Randy Quaid from Bonnie Hunt to Patricia Clarkson (or vice versa), if I recall correctly. And The Hogan Family -- they killed off the Valerie Harper character, changed the name from Valerie, and brought in Sandy Duncan when it switched, right? I have no memory of The Bionic Woman swtiching networks, though, and I know I watched a lot of that show.

Awesome entry! Thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...

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