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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Wisdom Lost

When I was 18 or 19, I had my two lower wisdom teeth removed, by my dentist.

Four and a half years ago, I went to an oral surgeon to remove one of my upper wisdom teeth (#16), because my dentist doesn't do such tricky extractions. I was told that if it were just the tooth, it would cost X, but if it involved patching up the sinus area, it would cost about 4X. (The day of the extraction, wee were almost killed sliding into a snowbank.) It turned out that it cost X.

Last week, I went to the same oral surgeon to look at the remaining wisdom tooth (#1), with the same caveat about the sinus ($100 vs. $735, after insurance.) Yesterday was the extraction.

Meanwhile, you can look at my messy desk. (I'm wearing dark glasses because I had misplaced my regular pair, not because I was trying to look "cool", as the photographer had assumed.) But in fact, I'm taking the day off from work, I'm not feeling particularly loquacious, and I'm $735 poorer.


Anonymous said...

I went to the Live at Five concert last night and I’m glad I did. John Hiatt was terrific, as usual. He started at 6:15 and played for nearly 2 hours. I know you music aficionados will be interested to hear some of the songs he played. He started with “Perfectly Good Guitar.” He also played many of my favorites – “Cry Love” “Real Fine Love” “Drive South” “Tiki Room” “Child of the Wild Blue Yonder” “Cadillac with TN Plates” “Master of Disaster” a great “Riding with the King,” and many more. The crowd was appreciative, although I had to move a couple of times because the people talking around me were drowning out the music. John did two encores, “Have a Little Faith in Me” and “Slow Turnin’”. It was a great night to sit outside and listen to great music. Wish you could have been there with me….


Chris Black said...

Great photo Roger. It's how I will visualise you from now on - as a sort of Giordi Laforge of the New York State Library service.

By, the way , my wife's off to the dentist soon - in Sankt Petersburg Russia. She's worked out it's cheaper there.

Anonymous said...

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