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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

At the Mike: Wallace

I've been watching Mike Wallace for probably 40 years, certainly for the duration of 60 Minutes, which started in 1968. So, I was rather interested in this story from NPR that I happened to catch on the radio that suggests that Wallace, Barbara Walters and Larry King, for three, don't know how to interview very well.
Then I thought about the interview Wallace did with the head of Iran recently, and I realize that, at least in that instance, the critic may very well have been correct. Wallace's schtick got in the way of getting actual information. One tends to remember the questions from his interviews more than the answers he gleans. I recall one interview with Ayatollah Khomeini when he suggested that others - not himself - thought of the leader (Arafat?) as a "lunatic".
I suppose I oughtn't to pick on an 88-year old man, who indicated in this audio clip from 12/29/2005, "I wouldn't know what else to do" if he weren't working, though he's supposedly semi-retiring.

Mahmood Ahmadinejad's blog, available in Farsi, English, Arabic and French.
The death of Bruno Kirby last week bothered me for so many reasons:
* He was in two of my favorite movies, The Freshman and Spinal Tap.
* He was in several movies I enjoyed, such as Harry/Sally, City Slickers and Good Morning Vietnam.
* He was fifty-frickin'-seven years old.
(Didn't know he was in the pilot of the M*A*S*H TV show.)


Anonymous said...

Mike Wallace is arrogant, and not the brightest bulb. I wonder what it would be like to live with such uninformed self-importance.

GayProf said...

Yeah, I think the problem with those folk is that news reporting has changed a lot since they first started. Plus, when they started, t.v. was always second-best to newspapers. Now t.v. is second-best to the internet. So, they just never had the best skills.