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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A Guest QUESTION: Electronic Love and Romance

A friend of mine, who reads this blog and knows the erudite sort that come here, is writing a book, and posits this:

I think we all have felt the seismic cultural shift has occurred with online dating that has created a lot of over 40 singles who have never married and many who say, "That didn't work. Oh well. Next!" We all have noticed the phenomenal shift in how men and women treat each other . What do you think? What is happening? Why is there such an increase in never-married single people? Because they think another someone is just a click away? Is it because we all think we can live to 100 so there is no hurry to settle down? Or is it because there's just so much fun to be had with so many? What needs to change?

You may find this site of interest. I'll be responding myself, but not until I've given you all a chance.
No Julie Hembeck news today.


Roger Owen Green said...

I think there's a lot of never-married single people because a lot of them witnessed divorce, either directly, or their friends' parents, the devastating effects of divorce.
Also, the busyness of our lives (doing what, I wonder) doesn't help. I suspect the loss of membership in the mainline churches may be a factor, and some of those megachurches with SO many people may not always make up for them (though I understand some of them have "pods" for getting to know each other better.)

To the heart of the question: I've never done computer dating, but my brother-in-law (who was in NJ) got married to a woman (who was in TX) through an online meeting.

Scott said...

I have never done on-line dating services either, and really didn't know that they were so popular. I also didn't realize that there were so many people approaching 40 that had not been married. However, even without on-line dating, I would think the divorce rate and witnessing it through family and friends would be the biggest factor.

Gordon said...

I think a lot of reason why there's a lot of people who are single longer (including myself) is just the whole "been there, done that" aspect.

Computer dating? Done it, came close to marrying someone I met online (however, she was cheating on me).

I've done singles groups, but most of those have been men and/or couples.

I think there's an increasing willingness to hold onto independence and relating to people as people, without the "games" that happen when you're dating. I would like a girlfriend right now, but unfortunately, I just haven't met someone with the right spark.

Hope this helps.

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