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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Don't Play That Song! QUESTIONS

A couple work moves ago, my fellow librarians at the time developed rules about what we could and could not play around each other. This was one librarian's list:

Music I never want to hear again as long as I live
Celine Dion
Brian Setzer
Mariah Carey
Bob Dylan
Sheryl Crow
(Southside Johnny, too, while we're in Joisey)
Air Supply

Another list:
Janis Joplin
Liza Minelli can be tough
no Cher in the house (not that there's ever been any)
and, in deference to your favorite band, absolutely no Klaatu

List #3:
Neil Young
Willie Nelson

My list? Nothing. There were no artists that I couldn't have taken, at least now and then. There is some atonal John Coltrane I can't listen to for very long, but none of these folks had any. (For that matter, I don't think we had any Celine Dion, either).

Whereas, there were people we could play that no one would object to:
Lyle Lovett, the Beatles, and Bonnie Raitt immediately come to mind.

So my question: in your house, in your workplace or in your car: when you hear what songs, or artists, do you change the station or scream, "Turn that thing OFF!"? What songs, or artists, are almost always acceptable to a cross section of your family or colleagues? Julie Hembeck, please answer this query.
TV Land has been doing a series of Top 10 lists, most of which I've ignored. But for some reason, I did watch Top 10 Musical Moments on TV this past Wednesday. A rather predictable list; the vague "MTV Unplugged begins" wouldn't have made my list, though Nirvana on Unplugged, a "bubbling under" choice, might have. And the ONLY value of actually watching the thing, rather than just getting the list from the site is this little tidbit, about the guest on the Smothers Brothers show who passed out into Mickey Rooney's arms during the Who's explosive performance. (It was Bette Davis, and she did perform on the show.) Moreover, the irritating thing about the program is that the 10 p.m. EDT show actually began at 10:04:30; I find that be generally true of that network at night, so if you're TiVoing, you may want to record the next show as well.
LIBRARIANS IN THE MOVIES: An Annotated Filmography.


Scott said...

I am very fortunate to sit next to co-workers that enjoy the same musical artists. The only complaint we get from one of the fellow employees is playing the music too loud sometimes. Not that we really crank up the volume, but we sit rather close to each other.

As for my wife and I, are tastes are very similar as well. That is in fact the way we met, through a fan club for the band Yes. Though there is one band that I listen to from time to time that she dislikes. That is Italian prog rock band Deus Ex Machina.

Also, I know my Dad doens't like Emerson, Lake and Palmer. One day coming back from a cross country meet he asked me for one of my tapes. He had just put in a new cassette deck and wanted to test it out. The tape was "Brain Salad Surgery". He listened the whole way home. But when we got home, he ejected the tape, and handed it to me saying (and smiling) "I never want to hear this band again in my car."

Blobby said...

My list might be too long - which is why I normally don't listen to radio. I sadly cop to there is much music I no longer know that they actually play ON the radio (frickin' Clear Channel!).

But if - Air Supply does rank up there. Michael Bolton. Kenny G.. That's just to namea few.

Anonymous said...

Hey its Julie. Things that drive me and my mother crazy in the HEMBECK HOUSEHOLD as Fred Hembeck can be found calling it are the four seasons and soupy sales. We just can not stand Fred blasting those annoying little voices of the four seasons. But soupy is worse! One note of that darn album and I'm off to my room playing my stereo! We listen to just about anything though. Not much rap though, and what we do hear of that It is because one of my friends changes the radio station.
And... Fred can not stand The Blood Brothers... look them up when you get the chance... They are ok once in a while, I think. And we don't listen to that much "emo" music except for the occasional simple plan or fall out boy. they kinda get old fast. But I do like this band dashboard confessional that is EMO and pretty good.
Latety we have heard alot of Elton John. But Billy Joel could have his comeback!! And of course, who doesn't like the beatles! (I can think of someone right away!)(Actually two people!) But come on, its cliche. But so is myspace. And so is blogging. So everyone is even!