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Saturday, November 18, 2006

It was the best, it was the worst QUESTION

Don't remember what I was looking up, but I came across a bunch of worsts, such as The Films Considered the Worst Ever. But being such an upbeat guy, I don't want to dwell merely in the negative. So:

1. What is the best advice you've ever taken? What is the worst?
For me going to library school - OK, being nagged to go to library school was clearly the best. The worst: taking a job I knew I shouldn't have taken. I ended up in a car accident on the way to it, and I think karma was telling me something.

2. What was the best present you ever received? What was the worst?
Certainly, one of my favorites was when I was 16 and people put a bunch of very nice thoughts on pieces of colored paper and put those in this container. I was supposed to take out a piece every day, and I did.
My least favorites tend to be the ones with conditions tied to them. I won't get any more specific.

3. What is your best month? Your worst?
My best is March. I suppose that may come off as egotistical, since my birthday is in March. But it is the hope of winter turning into spring, Lent to Easter. I happen to love listening to Requiems (Mozart, Rutter, Faure, Brahms, et al.) And now Lydia was also born in March, so there's even MORE reason.
My worst is a bit of a cheat in that it's bifurcated. It's the couple weeks between Election Day, when I discover that candidates I wanted to win lose instead, and Thanksgiving. Lots of dead leaves and gray skies. That is to say, around now. Then it's the couple weeks between shortly after New Year's, when I realize how cold and dark it is, and the middle of January, when I see slow, but visible progress toward more daylight.

And heck, if you want to talk about good and bad movies, who am I to stop you?

Here's another thing you can answer, those of you with Blogger: How do I go all day with five or fewer hits every hour yesterday, then go, from 6 a.m.: 13, 26, 36, 24, 32, 26, then five or fewer the rest of he day? It's as though a bunch of people came to see some piece of mine (maybe as a result of Fred's invitation of November 15), then all left just as quickly. It's peculiar. Speaking of Fred, he gets to the bottom, as it were, of his SpongePants SquareBob obsession here.


claire said...

Worst advice ever? Easy. "Getting a degree in Art (or English...or insert Humanities subject here) is a waste of will never help you get a job."

Or the similar: "All the best artists (writers, musicians, etc) were so talented they succeeded on their own...they didn't need a degree."

It took me 3 colleges and 27 years to finally complete my B.A. Although I was pretty successful without it, I think life would have been a whole lot easier had I just shut up and finished it in my 20s.

If you ever know a kid who's thinking of dropping out of college, send them my way. I'll straighten 'em out.

Fine Art major, New Paltz, 1970's
Creative writing major, San Francisco State, 1980's
BA in Visual Communications, Peace College (Raleigh NC), 2003

Anonymous said...

March 10th, wow roger you are getting older... hope you a had a nice birthday!

Anonymous said...

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