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Friday, November 17, 2006

Mom is 79

Mom's in reasonably good health, living with one of her daughters and one of her granddaughters in North Carolina. It was great getting to see her several times this summer as she visited Binghamton, her hometown, and Albany. I don't see her nearly enough, with her down in NC and us in the Empire State.

Since her birthday is always during the week of the Great American Smokeout, I'll tell you one story on the topic. My mother never smoked, though my father did when I was growing up. One day, my mother purloined a pack of my father's Winstons and my sister Leslie and I talked with her about smoking. (Baby sister Marcia was probably in bed by then.) So, we sat around the kitchen table and attempted to smoke cigarettes, the three of us. Naturally, we all just coughed. But neither Leslie or I really ever became smokers.

So, see, you did well, Mom. Happy birthday from your favorite son.


Anonymous said...

~hello~ your mother looking great! i didnt know they moved down in 1974. what ever made them move down there? Your mom never had a brother or sister, so no need to move back north. the weather is better down there. your daughter looks beautiful. i too am allergic to peanuts they give me a rash. too bad that people just dont know that they are not the best nuts to be eating, they are loaded with salt and hydrogenated oil that is killing millions and causing hardening of the arteries, well that is the food industry for you, they want to have people getting sick look at all the processed foods, hydrogenated oil is in just about everything. and people dont realize that many foods are contaminated with GMO foods, like corn, stay away from corn in all forms. Roger, Roger, Roger, likes everyone ,mmmmH

Anonymous said...

and did you know this? there are about 599 preservatives in the tobacco, many you can not even pronounce the names and many are natural. but all in all, i dont know how anyone ever picks up this habit to smoke? their lungs all become black, if their faces turned black, i dont think anyone would be smokng, do you? another thing is they are breathing in carbon dioxide that is a poison... plus their immune system is not up to par, and their breathing capacity is altered. and they just do not have the energy they need to do things. i have seen people smoke who are in their 70's and they dont have a wrinkle on them, others could be in their 40's and full of wrinkles and they look like they are in their 60's. So when they say wrinkles come from smoking, that fact is a myth. but smoking is one of the worst hobbies, one can enjoy. too bad they told people the tobacco companies that smoking is the IN THING TO DO. It should be BANNED. but it will never be banned. just think, it promotes the business for doctors, hospitals and the vicious cycle keeps moving and moving. it is a money makes for the medical establishment and the stock holders.... what an evil world we live in !