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Friday, August 17, 2007

Steamboat Bobby

Today is the 200th anniversary of the first successful commercial steamboat use. In 1807, the North River Steamboat, built by Robert Fulton, began a regular passenger boat service between New York City and Albany, 150 miles away.

Here's a somewhat bizarre 3-minute history lesson:
Of course, Fulton, like many others was mocked, notes Ysabella in this 1937 classic tune:
Here's faux steamboat launch:

A music video by a band called Steamboat; the song is called Curtains Tale.

"Steamboat G'wine 'Round the Bend", a 'visual' music piece written by John Fahey, played by Josh Lane.

And finally, probably the obvious choice, Mickey Mouse in Steamboat Willie. I wonder if this 1928 piece is in the public domain yet. By the laws that were in effect at the time, or even a change or two later, it should be:


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