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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Best "Greatest Hits" Albums QUESTIONS

Yahoo had this list of "best of" albums last week. I'll note if I have 'em. Do you? Or perhaps another album by that artist. Maybe you have suggestions not on the list at all. I'd inclined to have Aretha Franklin and Randy Newman represented.
25) Nirvana--Nirvana:
I have three or four Nirvana albums, but no GH.

24)Greatest Hits--Eagles:
Yes, I have it. And I'm not ashamed. The best selling album of all time in the U.S, if you believe the RIAA figures.

23) The Best Of Blondie--Blondie:

22) Back To Mono--Phil Spector & Various Artists:
This is actually a box set - 3 CDs plus the Christmas album -of music of the Ronettes, Crystals, Righteous Brothers, and much more. Got it.

21) Meaty, Beaty, Big And Bouncy--The Who:
Actually have this on vinyl. While I have a more comprehensive Who GH on CD, I do like this one better.

20) The Kinks Kronikles--The Kinks:

No, I have The Ultimate Collection.

19) The Motown Box--Various Artists:
"It's not just any label that can release a boxed set of their best acts and establish both group identity and label identity. Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Diana Ross and the Supremes, the Four Tops all carved out their sound within the confines of a Detroit recording studio and the overhearing ears of Berry Gordy Jr." Got it AND its follow-up.

18) Chronicle Vol. 1--Creedence Clearwater Revival:
"Creedence Clearwater Revival had the distinction of scoring a string of #2 hit singles. Not #1. Someone else always hogged that spot for themselves. But Creedence did manage 19 hit singles that are collected here..." And I have it.

17) Echoes--Pink Floyd:
Actually, no. though I must have a half dozen Floyd albums.

16) Staring At The Sea--The Cure:
Have only one or two Cure albums and this isn't one of them.

15) Louder Than Bombs--The Smiths:
Have some Smiths and Morrisey solo, but not this.

14) The Chess Box--Chuck Berry:
No, I have Golden Decade.

13) We Sold Our Souls For Rock N' Roll--Black Sabbath:
Actually own no Black Sabbath at all, except on compilations.

12) The Very Best Of--Prince:
Not this, but I have a two-CD collection. I have quite a bit of His Purpleness, actually.

11) The Very Best Of The Doors (2CD)--The Doors:
Not this 2007 collection, but another one.

10) The Top Ten Hits--Elvis Presley:
I have these two CDs, but frankly I'm surprised they didn't go for that #1s album, which I ALSO own.

9) Mania--Ramones:
Recently bought a different Ramones compilation.

8) Smash Hits--Jimi Hendrix: Have it on vinyl, and a different compilation on CD.

7) Greatest Hits, Volume 2--Bob Dylan:
Have it on vinyl.

6) Greatest Hits--Al Green: Have it.

5) Decade--Neil Young:
One of those things I bought twice, once the 3 LPs, then the 2 CDs.

4) Greatest Hits--Sly And The Family Stone:
. I've long had this album as a contender for my island albums. Some people seem to think that bringing a GH to the island is sacrilege, but at least three of these songs never made it to 33 1/3 until this collection.

3) Star Time--James Brown:
Not this 4-CD box, but a single disc.

2) Hot Rocks--The Rolling Stones:
Have on LP. Have all the songs in some digitized form, though.

1) 1--The Beatles:
No. I own every American LP and British CD in the canon. Why do I need this?



Uthaclena said...

I have not a one; I rarely grab Greatest Hits collections, may have under of half-dozen such; Doobie Bros. and GnR, I think.

Enjoyed seeing "Blondie" on the list, though, 'cuz I'm taking my 13-year old and one of her friends to see 'em in Kingston in June.

Greg said...

I'm not a big fan of greatest hits albums, but this list contains a glaring omission. Yes, I'm inordinately fond of ABBA, but ABBA: Gold is not only a fantastic album, but it's far more influential than a lot of these albums, as it led to an ABBA revival and spawned the musical that became a movie. Did a Black Sabbath album do that????

(And yes, I'm aware that influence doesn't mean it's good. But seriously - it's a great album.)

Anthony said...

Why are greatest hits collections generally frowned upon? Is it because it represents a commercial repackaging of an artist's music, and therefore a sort of capitulation of artistic values for corporate interests? Is there also, a conviction that the true fan is one who goes beyond the radio played hits to an appreciation of the B-sides?

I have a couple of greatest hits, and I have to say that I enjoy them because, hey, it puts it all in one collection. Of course, the IPod and other MP3 players have made space issues regarding what all you are going to take with you for the road a thing of the past. So, in this light, it makes economy (which is one thing GH provided) a non-issue.