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Friday, May 09, 2008

The Mail Failed

Damn! I just realized that Jenna Bush is getting married tomorrow AND SHE FORGOT TO SEND MY INVITATION! I hear that Crawford, Texas is very nice this time of year.

Or, more likely to the Post Office lost it. And they have the nerve to raise the postal rates starting Monday, May 12 to 42 cents for the first ounce, 17 cents each for the next few ounces, and 27 cents for a postcard. I use so few stamps any more that I still have 37-cent and 39-cent stamps, plus one of those First Class stamps, the denomination of which I have no idea. Speaking of no idea, lots of people I've talked to seem unaware of the rate change. I wonder if the Post Office still has those "forever" stamps?

Oh, and Laura's been multitasking so well this week, playing mother of the bride and working on foreign policy. To be fair, Myanmar has been her issue for a while, and the devastation there is awful. But why does she insist on calling the country Burma?



Gordon D said...

If it's any consolation, Roger - I didn't get my invite, either.

Greg said...

When's the revolution? Kramer had the right idea ...

EM said...

I was all ready to spurn the invitation in the name of marriage equality, since her father has pandered to the right wing by opposing my right to marry. I was going to write a pithy but eloquent rejection of the event on my RSVP and send it back.

And then I didn't get an invite either.

Greg said...

I could be wrong, but I think that we're supposed to call it Burma. Myanmar, as far as I know, is what the junta changed it to, and I've actually heard a few people who live there and oppose the regime call it Burma because calling it Myanmar would, in their eyes, legitimize the junta. Again, I could be wrong, and I can't remember where I heard that, but that's an explanation. Maybe some research is needed!