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Friday, May 02, 2008

Happy Blogiversary to Ramblin'

Finishing year number three at that. If you were to tell me I'd be blogging for nearly 1100 straight days 1200 days ago, I'd say you were nuts. Well, the joke's on me. Maybe I'm nuts. So be it.
I blogged 32 times in May, June, August, September, and December 2007, 31 times in July and November of 2007, plus each of the first three months of 2008, a whopping 34 times in October 2007, and a mere 30 times in April 2008. That would be 380 posts in 366 days. And this doesn't count the posts I've made elsewhere.

Over the last 12 months - heck, ever - the best single day I had, in terms of people coming to the blog was May 18, with 477 visitors. It was fueled on the piece I had posted the day before, about counterfeit Cerebus #1, which ADD and subsequently other members of the comic book press picked up.

Likewise, it fueled the highest month I ever had.

The second best single day was 366 hits for a January interview with someone named Fred Hembeck, aided undoubtedly by a mention from Greg Burgas; it was among the first interviews of Fred to see the light of day, which helped. The worst day in the past year was a day in July, probably a Sunday, when I had 76 visitors.

I check my Technorati score periodically. It's been as low as 22 and as high as 44; last I checked, it was 36.

When I Google Roger Green, my blog is generally in the Top 3 hits, along with Roger Green + Associates, Roger S. Green of Duluth, GA, and/or the former assemblyman Roger L. Green. The Denver ambient jazz musician's on the rise, but the feng shui guy has been sinking. One of the Google oddities is that both my blog and one particular post has been near the top. For a while it was Chronicles of the Fantastic Four Chronicles, featuring Jack Kirby and John Byrne. More recently, it's been the little piece I did about the death of Steve Gerber, which made me mildly uncomfortable, for some reason.

I want to thank those folks who've come by. More on all of this in the days ahead.



Scott said...

Happy Blogiversary Roger!

Alan David Doane said...

ppy anniversary, Roger, it's a far better internet with you than it ever was without you!

Alan David Doane said...

There's a HA missing at the beginning there, obviously!

Fred said...


Soupy and I are happy to still be around to celebrate it with you--many, many more!!

GayProf said...

Happy Blogiversary, ROG!

Lefty said...

Happy Anniversary! I've been meaning to ask if you'd like to be on my podcast sometime. I can record landline calls.

Anthony said...

You are the apotheosis of blogging consistency. Kudos to you.




R Y !

! !

Greg said...

Hey, good job making it this long, especially with the every day thing. I'm surprised you haven't gone nuts yet! It's always nice to come here every morning, because I know there will be something new up, and 96% of the time it's something interesting (sorry, you can't bat 1.000).

Just doing my part to send traffic your way!

Nik said...

Whoops, been too busy to read blogs lately, but belated anniversary, pal!