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Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Lydster, Part 51: Bigger

When we took Lydia to the doctor’s for her physical shortly after her fourth birthday, she weighed 42 pounds and was 44 inches tall. A couple of months later, when we took her to her allergist, she measured 49 pounds and 47 inches tall. The size 11 toddler shoes which had fit her for several months no longer came even close to getting on her feet. She’s wearing size 13s and is very close to size 1 for children. Inevitably, when I tell someone she’s just had her birthday recently, people say, "Oh, she must be 5, or is she 6?" And invariably, I have to correct them and tell them that she is merely 4. Even her daycare teachers who see her daily sometimes forget.

Meanwhile, she's seemed to have developed allergies to the spring grasses. One night, she was out while Carol (subbing for me) was mowing the lawn, and the next morning she broke into a coughing jag, worrisome because she ended up crying while walking in an unfocused manner. I scooped her up with my right arm - which still hurt but less than doing it on the other side - Carol got her some water, and she seemed OK.

In fact, it was her follow-up trip to the allergist when she gave us more trouble than she has in years. Usually, we have to wake her at 6:30, but that morning, she woke up at 5:30. I'm convinced that the worry awakened her. She was demanding and whiny almost constantly, uncharacteristically. I went downstairs to put the upstairs garbage in with the kitchen trash when I saw an invasion of black ants there, maybe 50 or more. Oddly, I called to Lydia, because she seemed fairly obsessed with few ants we had seen previously. I took out the garbage bag only to find more in the can, which didn't drown easily. Lydia pointed out every escaping insect. (Subsequently, we got traps, which are working.) After this excitement, Lydia was back to her cheerful and cooperative self.



Bill Anderson said...

Hey Rog--

An effective and organic method for keeping the ants at bay is to swab the floor in the area of encroachment with vinegar. Do it just before going to bed and the fumes will be dissipated by morning. This method is Orchid tested and approved :-)

Deborah said...

She grows in wisdom and beauty every day. The allergies sound worrisome, but I know so many people who outgrew them - my great friend Kris had asthma so bad from her allergies she had to sit up at night to sleep, but she is quite over all that now...


Anonymous said...

She's adorable, Roger. I especially like the solution for ants that someone sent you.


Anonymous said...

Growing and growing--getting more beautiful with each year. We should start working with her on her application for early decision to Cornell!

- Warren

Jenny said...

She is cuter by the day! (Although this does make me feel old... she is so big!)

Another ant remedy: I've had very good luck with Borax mixed with a bait -- I used sugar and it worked well. Dribble it in a line where they travel. The Borax isn't completely nontoxic, but it is comparatively gentle.

tom(the mayor) said...

a beautiful young lady you have there, I am glad she is feeling better.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful, delightful girl! You must be very proud!

Meanwhile, for carpenter ants we have had good luck with Terro - found at Home Depot. Not sure if it works with the little ants.


Anonymous said...

Cute! - Connie