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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Macca's Route 66

I saw this PETA ad in some magazine recently.

Made me at least think about my carnivore ways.

I love this old piece on Paul McCartney and Jack Kirby.

Paul's still out there playing. Recently he did a benefit concert in Ukraine. One of the songs he sang in Ukraine, of course, was Back in the USSR. Here's an interesting cover:

One of my favorite Paul songs with his first group:

Paul turns 66 today. Happy birthday.

Willie Randolph was 86'd by the NY Mets. Yes, the team is better than the record, but I almost never favor in-season managerial replacements.
I was watching ABC News last night, and the segment they showed in observation of Cyd Charisse's passing happened to be this first piece I found on YouTube searching by her name, from about 50 seconds in, and running just over a minute. It also features some other dancer of note:

I remember seeing her well past her prime, probably on some awards program, and she STILL had great legs.



Scott said...

I can't believe I had never seen Cyd Charisse before. Always heard of her. Marcia and I were watching ABC as well, and I was mesmerized by the clip. Marcia started laughing at me when I said we should rent that movie.

Anonymous said...

Truth be told...I do not understand the attraction to Peta for people on the left. Peta is like the left wing version of a radical pro-life group-usually trying to change minds by grossing people out and condemning anyone who disagrees with them as evil murderers. I watched a documentary on HBO that seemed quite sympathetic to the founder of Peta, but it made it clear to me that people are not actually listening to her-as many middle of the road lefties seem completely oblivious to the absolute extremism that Peta supports.