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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

ABC Wednesday: N is for Newman

One of the things I just didn't realize that I just did not see that many of Paul Newman's films. I never saw either of the billiards pictures, The Hustler or The Color of Money, I managed to miss Hud. Though I swear I had seen Cool Hand Luke, when I was watching some PBS special about Warner Brothers pictures, WHICH SHOWED THE ENDING, I realize that I'd just seen several clips and not the whole thing.

I did absolutely see some of his films, though:
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid 1969 - especially loved the knife fight
The Sting 1973 another film I enjoyed greatly
The Towering Inferno 1974 this not so much, but I went to see both shake (Earthquake) and bake (TI) in the day
The Verdict 1982 - possibly my favorite movie of his
Blaze 1989 - Paul as Huey Long
Nobody's Fool 1994 - filmed in upstate New York; an underrated film, I think
Message in a Bottle 1999 - it was OK, but loved the scenes with Paul
It must be the presence he had in the films that I DID see that gave me the sense that I had see more of them than I had.

I read lots of things about Paul Newman after his death on September 26, 2008. Some were in obvious places such as People and Entertainment Weekly, and even Sports Illustrated. But my favorite piece actually appeared in Advertising Age, talking about the secret to marketing the Newman's Own products. He realized that people might buy the product once because his name was on the bottle, and perhaps twice because the proceeds were going to charity. But if he wanted an ongoing relationship with his customers, he had to make sure the product was actually GOOD. A simple, perhaps obvious point, but one that many celebrity-owned businesses and other entrepreneurial ventures failed to realize.



earthlingorgeous said...

I've seen some of Paul Newman's film and he is really good in most of it. It was sad when I learned about his death too as he was considered one of the advocates on autism awareness. Great N post!

AphotoAday said...

Enjoyed reading this -- especially his philosophy about making quality a priority for his products.

Bear Naked said...

This has to be my favourite ABC Wednesday post.
Paul NEWMAN was a marvelous actor and a great humanitarian.
He loved his wife for so many years. That kind of marriage in Hollywood seems to be NON existant today.

Bear((( )))

photowannabe said...

An interesting gentleman with a tastey product. I liked his business philosphy. Great N post.

leslie said...

Well, I never did see The Sting, although it's been around for ages. I think Newman was a very humble man and loved his family more than the spotlight. Great choice for N-day! :D

richies said...

Paul Newman is mu all time favorite actor. He also seemed to be a genuine human being who used his success to help others instead of going the excesses so common in his industry.

Denise said...

This is a wonderful post and a very nice tribute to Mr. Newman. Thanks for coming up with it.

Kim from Hiraeth said...

He was a great actor and a fine man. Very good choice for the letter N.