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Saturday, October 04, 2008

QUESTION: Political paraphrenalia

Today's question is pretty straightforward. Do you you display bumper stickers, lawn signs or buttons touting the candidates you support?

Bumper stickers: no, my wife doesn't like them, and I do see her point. Those Kerry/Edwards stickers that I STILL see on the backs of vehicles are quaint, and perhaps even gives the driver the sense of some political cover, but we just don't do that.

Lawn signs: our neighbors who are politically involved locally always have lawn signs. Though they too are Democrats, they are usually NOT for the candidates I support. The only time I know I displayed one is when my friend Judy, who I've known at least since 1974, ran for the school board. BTW, she won.

Buttons: I like to collect political buttons. I might wear one for a day here and there, when I'm likely to be in a non-hostile crowd, but not generally. there was a button, though, that I wore almost daily for about a year. It was green and white and all it said was Choose Peace. I wore it from September 2002 to about September 2003, then sporadically thereafter. I got both a lot of compliments (mostly peace signs and smiles) and a lot of complaints (something about "supporting our troops", if memory serves). I'll have to dig it out and wear it again.



Rebecca Hickman said...

I keep meaning to stop by our local Democratic HQ office to buy a bumper sticker.

Uthaclena said...

I display all three modes: bumper stickers (Obama), lawn signs (Obama replaced "Impeach"), and buttons. Currently an Obama button, but it's tricky since the workplace doesn't like partisan politics, which I understand and adapt to. Button on, button off.

When it's not a candidate button I have two, a peace sign superimposed over an American flag, and "Support Our Troops: Bring Them Home Alive." I actually enjoy the confrontations they've cause, countering the canned responses like "Freedom isn't Free, y'know!" with 'Don't YOU want our troops to come home alive? Don't YOU think that America should be a beacon for peace and our best hopes?!?'

Anthony said...

I have never been impassioned enough about a candidate to be willing to express my support in the ways you mentioned. My political convictions don't align with the options and emphasis of the two major parties, and their representatives. So, I tend to be very pragmatic in my political thinking, as in "at this present time who do I think will be the best for the country based upon the prevailing issues and problems we are facing." But, in the end, whatever decision I make, I never make a whole hearted choice, and often my conscience is disturbed.

Such is life in a fallen world.