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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Covering Bobby Z

Musing about the May birthdays of musicians, particularly musicians whose work I own, I noticed that any number of them covered Bob Dylan songs. Not a surprise there; Dylan's put out over 40 albums.

What WAS a little surprising was that I couldn't find the May birthday songs I own on YouTube; I've just started to expect it.

I first looked for the pair of songs from Pete Seeger's We Shall Overcome album, a live 1963 recording. Pete did A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall and Who Killed Davey Moore; nope. Instead, here's Paths of Victory

Then I sought out Poor Immigrant by Judy Collins from my beloved Who Knows Where The Time Goes album; no such luck. Here's Judy singing Like a Rolling Stone

Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons perform the amazingly goofy Don't Think Twice, It's All Right, which simply must be heard to be believed. Not there. I foiund, though, the Jersey Boys doing Queen Jane Approximately

I DID discover live versions of a couple songs: Stevie Wonder performing Blowin' the Wind

Not found on the Billy Joel YouTube channel, but otherwise available is his version of To Make You Feel My Love

Finally, some Dylan doing Dylan; I couldn't find Seeger doing Davey Moore, but here's a version by Bob himself.

Happy birthday, Bob.


1 comment:

Johnny B said...

One of my favorite Dylan covers is by Rod Stewart- "Mama You Been On My Mind". He just kills, and the country-ish arrangement is excellent.

Seems like I did a blog post years ago with my favorite Dylan covers...I should go look for it.