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Friday, September 25, 2009

The Walkers

My father's first cousin Ruth was going through some old pictures at her mom Jessie's house and I received this old picture from before I was born, even before my parents were married, circa 1948. She sent the pic to one of my sisters, and she forwarded it to me.

The men in the picture are Ruth's father Earl Walker, my father's eldest uncle; Morris Walker, uncle to both Ruth and my father; their aunt Jessie's "friend", Dick Wallace; and my father, Les Green.

Earl's wife Jessie was called "Earl's Jessie", to distinguish her from Earl's (and Morris' and my grandmother Agatha's) sister Jessie. I remember Earl quite well and Morris a fair amount, but Dick died before I was born.

From my sister Marcia's collection:

My father (center) with his mother, Agatha (right). She was my first Sunday school teacher, and she taught me how to play canasta. She died when I was about 10. I have no idea who the others are, though the boy surely looks like a Walker.

This is the day before the date my father would have turned 83, and really, that's all I've got.


1 comment:

Janie said...

Family photos are always fascinating, a part of one's personal history. I love to look at ours, even when I'm not sure who the people are!