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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Actors Stalking My TV Set

Ever get that feeling that some actors show up every season on some show or other that you're watching? Sort of like that movie season where Jude Law was in every third movie. Or that period of time when Gene Hackman really WAS in every third movie. Or how Tom Bergeron hosts every third reality show.

Ken Levine cited Sonya Walger and Kim Raver; I don't happen to be in Ms. Walger's sphere of influence, but yeah, I think of Ms. Raver as that person on 24, yet here she is doing a stint on Grey's Anatomy. I could have sworn that there are other working actors in Hollywood, most of them not working at all in their chosen profession; I speak of "Hollywood" generically, not geographically.

It's not quite as pervasive, but I think that way about Jessalyn Gilsig. She plays Terri Schuester, the glee club teacher's wife, on Glee, but wasn't she doing Heroes and Nip/Tuck at the same time? I know her best as a teacher in the early seasons of Boston Public, and a cop in the later seasons of NYPD Blue.

Then there's Julie Bowen, who is now on Modern Family, and I first noticed on Ed, but seemed to show up on Boston Legal, Weeds and Lost interchangeably. And I just saw her on JEOPARDY! to boot.

I was watching Glee recently, and noticed that on that particular episode, there were two NYPD Blue alums, though they did not share a scene. Charlotte Ross, who was bad seed Eve on Days of Our Lives when I was actually watching DOOL, is now old enough to play the mom of the pregnant cheerleader on Glee. This somehow makes me feel old.

Any actors showing up a lot on the shows you watch?



Reader Wil said...

I often watch BBC and there are a few British actors who always turn up in detective series like "Midsummer Murders", "Lewis" or "New Tricks".They play the role of either the victim or the investigating policeman. Some of them often perform in plays by Dickens.

Greg said...

My wife and I have gotten better at identifying actors and actresses who have been in other shows. The nanny/nurse in Flashforward is Roger Sterling's new wife on Mad Men, for instance. We just chalk it up to watching WAY too much television!

Anonymous said...

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magiceye said...

happens here in india too and their omnipresence lasts for a few months :)

Pam said...

Great post, thanks for stopping by.

walk2write said...

"This [post] somehow makes me feel old." I only recognize three names you've mentioned--the first three. I guess the actors who profit the most hire productive publicists and agents. Are they the best actors? Probably not.