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Saturday, December 05, 2009

Christmas Shopping QUESTIONS

Are you a Black Friday shopper? Or even a Thanksgiving day shopper? I'm not. I HATE shopping on Black Friday, with something approaching religious fervor. More accurately, the one time I went out there in the big box stores, I felt like an atheist at a tent revival.

Actually, there was a Black Friday a few years ago that wasn't so bad. We went shopping in a little town called Delhi, NY. It was no more crowded than a normal shopping day. It was relaxed and pleasant.

Are you a Cyber Monday shopper? I have been, and would have been this year, save for the fact that I had a sick child who was not so ill that we couldn't play the usual coterie of games (Sorry, Uno and Candyland) over and over, plus reading to her.

For years, I used to have a tradition before online shopping got so easy. I'd take off a weekday from work around December 17 and do all my shopping in one day. It was early enough that if it didn't pan out, I still had the weekend, but close enough to create urgency in me without anxiety.

What kind of Christmas shopper are you?


1 comment:

Demeur said...

I did the Black Friday thing once which worked out okay if you go alone. But now I'll go once or twice before the big day and just get a few things. As you find out as your kids get older and the house starts filling up with junk a few nice things are better than a lot of junk.
I need to ask whatcha going to get your wife? Reason I ask is I've run out of ideas after 29 years. Leave a note in my Fridays post.
As for net shopping no thanks I still don't trust it. I recently had someone slam my phone bill. That's where someone charges a retail purchase to your phone bill.
Hope your kids stay healthy. Nothing worse than being sick at Christmas time when you're a kid.