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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Another Equinox-Driven ASK ROGER ANYTHING

I've seen this recently at the electronic homes of Messrs. Jaquandor and Scooter, with me contributing a question or two (or three...), and so now now it's my turn to ask youse guys to ask me, well, anything. And I have to answer them. With the truth, not necessarily the WHOLE truth, but nothing but the truth.

You could ask: "Heyyy, didn't spring USED to be on March 21, not March 20?" and I'll say, Why, yes it did!

How am I feeling about a 260,000-square-foot Wal-Mart near Albany, the "retailer's largest in the U.S."? Yuck!

You ask me for the shortest Bible verse, and I'd say, "John 11:35".

It's all up to you. Post the questions in the comments, or e-mail me at the address in the side bar. Sometime before the end of the month, I'll answer 'em all.


Anonymous said...

1. Who do you think will win the NL East this year?

2. Who is your favorite singer?

3. Who is your favorite comic book hero?

4. What was your favorite subject in school?

5. What was the toughest subject for you in school?

6. Clinton aide Ferraro makes a racist-type remark about Obama, and the Clinton campaign barely has to say anything to be excused. The pastor of the church Obama attends (who is not working for Obama) makes racist-type remarks, and Obama has to continually distance himself from them. It seems obvious to me that racism is even present in this scenario. How do you feel about these events?

Nik said...

I'll go all deep -- so has the coverage/reaction to the Obama campaign so far made you MORE hopeful about race in America or LESS hopeful?

GayProf said...

I hope the answer to question number 3 from Scott is Wonder Woman.

My question would be what food is your ultimate "comfort food?"

Gordon D said...

Here are my questions:

1) What's your favorite Twilight Zone episode?

2) What have you been asked to do professionally that has you going, "I can't believe they pay me to do this?"

3) What's the deal with "Chocolate Rain"? I don't get it.

Kelly Sedinger said...

1. List at least three movies that you love despite the fact that the world has united against them in abject hatred.

2. Since I assume you do a fair share of toy shopping these days, are there any toys you see out there that make you think, "Wow, I wish I'd had that when I was a kid!" Or, conversely, are you the type to go to an antiques store with your kid, see the toys you yourself played with, and subject your kid to lectures about how much better those toys were?

3. What does the entire area of New York State west of, say, Troy have to do to get Albany to realize how bad things are out here?! (By "Albany" I mean of course our state government and not people who just live and work in Albany.)

4. Describe something that makes you laugh deep and hearty, despite the fact that few other people think it's funny.

5. KFC: Original or Extra Crispy? (I prefer Original myself.)

6. What scares you more: John McCain continuing George Bush's foreign policy, or John McCain continuing George Bush's economic policy?