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Monday, March 24, 2008

iTunes MEME

From Johnny B.:

Instructions: Open up your iTunes and fill out this survey, no matter how embarrassing the responses might be.

How many songs total: 829
How many hours or days of music: 2.1 days

Most recently played: Billy Joel- Elvis Presley Boulevard
Most played: Simon & Garfunkel - A Simple Desultory Philippic
Most recently added: Mike Nesmith, Complete First National Band Recordings

Sort by song title:
First Song: About a Girl-Nirvana
Last Song: Zydeco Gris Gris- BeauSoleil

Sort by time:
Shortest Song: "Eat for Two" 10,000 Maniacs (cut off)(0:16); Holiday Greetings from Hello (Hello Family Santa Special) (0:20)
Longest Song: 17:07 (some unidentified noodling song; in fact the 11 longest songs are all unknown)
Longest song I can actually identify: Africa Talks to You (8:45) Sly & the Family Stone from There's a Riot Going On

Sort by album:
First album: Amandla! soundtrack
Last album: Toy Story 2 soundtrack

First song that comes up on Shuffle: Graceland- Willie Nelson

Search the following and state how many songs come up:
Death - 0
Life - 15
Love - 56
Hate - 2
You - 76
Sex - 2


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