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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Lydster, Part 48: Lydia is Four

Random thoughts for the occasion.

Lots of people say things like, "Can you believe it's been four years? The time goes by so FAST!" Yes, I believe it's been four years. I'm never quite sure what I'm supposed to say when folks utter such folk wisdom. Usually, I nod my head and say "Hmmm."
I've been grousing about the early change of the clocks, which may not even save energy. Used to be that when I need Lydia to wake up at 6:20, so we can catch the 7 a.m. bus, I could just raise the shades, and she'd get up. But it's DARK at what was 5:20 a.m., standard time, in March. She took a couple weeks to adjust to the new time. Heck, I'M still tired in the morning.

She definitely has a pecking order when it comes her playthings. Whereas all of her dolls (most of them called Hannah) used to rule, now it's the stuffed bears (Elizabeth and TeddyTeddy) and the stuffed lamb. The dolls? "They're just dolls!", but the creatures are her "sisters"; very strange.

Lydia is one of the youngest kids in her class and one of the tallest. There may be a boy who's taller, but he's several months her senior. She is reasonably well, though she had had a touch of whatever was going around earlier this month. She's only gained a pound or two in recent months, but is getting harder to lift. She's been in a real hug and cuddle mood; I hear that this passes, so I shan't complain.

She's pretty smart. Some books she reads to me. I don't think she's actually reading them as much as reciting from memory based on the pictures, but it's fun to be read to. She can count to 29; she stubbornly rejected my suggestion for "thirty" in favor of "twenty-ten". She also knows what the color turquoise is, which I'm pretty sure I didn't when I was four.

I still am not using the digital camera. These pictures were all on the same disposable camera I'd use then forget about, then use, then misplace. So it's a lovely coincidence that it covers well the past few months of her life.

Happy birthday, Lydia!



Josée Fonseca said...

Happy Birthday Lydia!
I'm sure four will be a good year.

Anonymous said...

To Lydia on her Fourth Birthday:

God danced the day you were born and I continue in the celebration!

Happy Birthday Lydia!

Your Friend,

Anonymous said...

As much as I love our kids, first comes a belated birthday wish for all things good to my dear friend Roget...and then happy b-day Lydia!

Anonymous said...

Hi Roger!

Happy Birthday to Lydia -- may it be filled with pleasant surprises!

She is beautiful!

BTW -- "Stuffies" rule in our house too!
Hope all is well with you. Maybe we will see you soon -- at Westpoint?


Anonymous said...

Congratulations also goes to the proud parents


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday. Bob

Anonymous said...

Oh joy. S.

Anonymous said...

Give a happy birthday email hug to Lydia !!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful young woman!

Anonymous said...

Hey Roger.. Thanks for keeping us in the loop on all the going ons... I really appreciate it!

Happy Birthday Lydia!

Lisa Beal

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Lydia!
Enjoy your little princess! Time is flying, indeed!


Alexandria said...

Oh my Goodness!!!! My lovely cousin is Four today!!!
Wow she's grown up fast!!
Happy Birthday Love!!!! -internet Kisses!!!-

GayProf said...

Happy Birthday to Lydia!

And I am really opposed to Daylight Saving Time. I want proof that it does anything for energy conservation.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to sweet Lydia! It's a treat to be able to watch her grow up, even just via the internet.



O. said...

How can she be four already?!
Happy Birthday to the super-sweet Lydster!



Anonymous said...

Hi Roger,

The pictures of your "little" girl are wonderful. How proud you are and will be in the years to come! I just wanted to say "Hi." My time grows short… only four work days left…I'll miss you and I'll never forget our fun in New York City!

Your friend,


Anonymous said...

Hi Roger,

Boy, does time fly! What a beautiful young lady she going up to be. Hope you guys have great day.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all three of you!!

Anonymous said...

Time does fly; doesn't it!

Have a fun day.


Anonymous said...

Hello Roger -
Thanks for sharing Lydia's pictures on this happy day. You are truly blessed!
See you. Bonnie G

Anonymous said...

Hey, you must be psychic. I planned to e-mail to say happy belated birthday to you (and belated Happy Easter too). Now I can also say Happy B-Day to the Lydster.

The new thing in my life that I wanted to share with you is a cheap turntable I got for Christmas. It allows you to digitally record all your albums. We broke out the stuff that's been in storage for 10 years and have been amazed by the quality of the sound (also amazed with all our moves that he records survived in great condition). The sound of the human voice and the instruments is really rich vs. CDs/electronic--it's an amazing difference. I would recommend the device if you ever want to digitize.... I'm putting songs on the old iPod.

Hang tough, give the wee one a kiss for me.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations. I can so easily picture you as a father. How lucky she is to have you. Hope all is well. Elinor

Anonymous said...

Congrats and Happy Birthday wishes!!!

Anonymous said...

happy day for your, your wife & lovely Lydia!


Anonymous said...

Dear Roger,

Best wishes to you, Carol, and of course, the birthday girl herself.



Anonymous said...

Pass along a birthday wish for lydia, may her dreams fly higher than the joy she brings to others. I read your blog every day , it is the first thing I check on the computer each day. P.S. do all of the politicians in Albany these days have to tell us about their personal lives? Let's get back to the real business of america, talking about Britney Spears!!!!
tom(the mayor with more skeletons in his closet than Dr. Frankenstein.)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Happy birthday, Lydia. Four is a wonderful age. Write down everything she says for posterity.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for this!

Our granddaughter turned 3 on the 16th of March! We talked to her on the video camera on our computer last night. She delights in “tickling” her grandpa.

All is well…we’ve all had a touch of something this winter so we are looking forward to spring.

Celebrated Easter in Chapel Hill, NC and enjoyed brass (including a sax), bells and full gospel choir…no it was not a Catholic Church (would it were so…)

God Bless.


Anonymous said...

Just think in 12 short years she will be driving. Or maybe just driving you crazy.

Anonymous said...

what a cutie. She sure is Daddy's little girl. She looks like a ballerina, athlete, and model. If she ever wants to know about the artistic adventures of her father....just come to Aunt Ellie. Regards to you and best wishes in fatherhood.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Lydia!

Anonymous said...

And happy birthday to all the Hannahs, too.

Anonymous said...

Your daughter is leaps and bounds ahead of all of us. 30 is indeed 20 -
ten...everyone knows that and besides she's showing that she's ready for
the 2010 Census. Hope you are! Hope we all are!

Lydia is getting prettier every day. Lucky you.


Anonymous said...

Hi Roger,

Thanks for the Lydia update. Fiona also turned 4 this month. She loves dolls, care bears and dresses. Yup, all girl. She started a new school in September. She's starting to become more outgoing and a less shy.

"Hi" to Carol. Take care,

Anonymous said...

Wow! Four years! That was fast...
Happy Birthday Lydia!